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keeping my ship afloat, vis-a-vis making mid course correction: agony of an entrepreneur, an authentic creator — a comment on Understanding Creators & Entrepreneurs

when a ship wavers in sea, the waves are riding too high, only choice the captain of the ship has is to keep it afloat. he doesnt care too much about direction. He can correct the course, if he is afloat. But if the ship sinks, there nothing any more to be done.

I think the article resonates with a strong existential appeal to a mind unwilling to be measured by scales others less worthy, less courageous, less fortitudinous have designed. i agree.

my problem begins with an artificial hiatus created between the writer and the rest of the world as an adversary. Who cares if you don't accumulate money. how does it matter if you create and enjoy creation for the sake of it. why should feelings of others, no matter who they are, matter at all. yes, we are social being and thus comments of friends and no so friendly people may matter sometimes. one should outgrow momentary depressions, a feeling of being misunderstood and ignored. i sense a strong sense to prove something, to justify something, but why. why should author have to justify anything so personal, so passionate to any one at all.

Explain yes,

justification, no.

creators and entrepreneurs are guided often by swantah: sukhay, that is for one’s own happiness. at least the ones who are wanting to break new ground. But those who are me-too kind, may have other motivations.

The joy of creation, yearning for feedback, may be distinguished from the need for approval. Yes, who doesn't like praise. But then as the author rightly argues, one does not make that a fulcrum of life.

i agree that some entrepreneurs and creators are misjudged, are expected to perform on parameters which they don't approve of. But isn't that true for everyone.

Vishwanath described a situation when nehru ji went to NPL, New DElhi for a demonstration of a solar cooker in early sixties. that day was cloudy. The tea could nt be made. Next day, the press did not mention about any thing else, but only referred to tea which could not be made.Dr Krishnan, Director of National Physical Lab rues that day, after many decades as,”when i write a paper on a paper on a subject in physics, i know who are the 25 people in the world who can comment on it. I can deal with that. But when i do something for social application, any body on the street can comment on it. I can not deal with it”.

Many creators face similar dilemma. We have to just live with it. with no regrets, no complaints and no pain. enjoy the moment, when one succeeds in making what one wanted, after many failed trials..

not making too much money is ok

not getting too much praise from loved one is also ok

none of it makes the creation less legitimate, just create, man, create!! i am here to see, enjoy and learn, share and grow….

artists are special people, after all

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