Open Letter to Shah Faesal

Excellent writeup. I have been in the valley intermittently for over 12 years as an army officer of various designations and levels of responsibility. Must say with all the authority that my experiences allow that the villages we went to, the people we met, the people who worked with us in our posts all, across the board were people who were, as any of us are, struggling against odds, probably steeper than ours, given the circumstances, to make a life of it. Their concerns were similar, food clothing shelter, schooling for the kids, stocking supplies for the winter, keeping their kids safe from the ever lurking danger from conflict not of their choosing, hoping to see them grow up and make a life of it.

The politics of it apart, we were all same. We attended their functions, helped by sharing our supplies where we could and hunted day and night for the miscreants, the burhans, to ensure peace in our areas of responsibilities. The perceptions being created by the media of all kashmiris being stone pelters/ India haters, all security personnel being killers and rapists and what not are so far out that I wonder whose agenda are they running.

Thank god for sane voices like yours. May your tribe increase.