Values — the building blocks of a successful culture?

If there is one constant in life, it is change. This is certainly true for any scaling business. However, while it’s important to be open to changes in strategy and tactics, there are some core principles that can help our team in facing up to these changes — we call these values.

A couple of years ago, my co-founder Ilya and I penned our thoughts on the types of people we wanted to hire at MarketInvoice.

Fast forward to 2017, MarketInvoice has doubled to around 90 people in the last 18 months, we’ve brought on board a lot of new…

The MarketInvoice Risk Team #livingthedream #makingithappen

Having launched a company in the peer-to-peer lending space, a question I often get asked is whether our aim is to make credit decisions automatically without intervention of humans. We like to talk about our technology and the speed with which we can approve or reject an application, but at the same time a quick look at our career page shows that we are hiring for several roles in our risk team. Surely automation means we don’t need to hire many risk people? So, what does our risk team do then?

At MarketInvoice we’ve never aimed to completely remove humans…

Last week I found myself in a final round interview on a Tuesday afternoon (here at MarketInvoice either myself or my co-founder still do a final “values check” interview before we hire anyone as a way to assess whether the candidate would suit the kind of culture we’re trying to build).

After asking quite a few questions for 20 mins or so, I always leave a bit of time to answer one or two candidate questions at the end, and I was suddenly confronted with a different one than usual, it went:

“What’s been your favourite moment since you started…

People often ask what’s the biggest blocker we face at MarketInvoice — for the last year or so the answer has been hiring. We’re recruiting for a lot of positions right now as we aim to scale the team from around 70 to north of 100 over the next 6–12 months. As you can imagine we all think a lot about the type of people we are trying to hire here. There are loads of really talented people out there, but that doesn’t mean they’ll all be a great fit for us. I felt that really thinking hard about the…

Many bank­s still work the same way they did fifty years ago — their processes are outdated and riddled with legacy problems. They struggle to get beyond pen and paper applications, and they have difficulties even collecting data from across their branch network. The personal touch has gone too — by outsourcing relationships to distant call centres and banning direct telephone numbers, customers are vocal in how they view the shoddy service (bank net promoter scores tend to be negative). The whole experience has become tedious, distant, and not fit for our modern economy.

Users today want financial products built…

Anil Stocker

CEO & Co-founder @MarketFinance, interested in all things fintech related

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