NRI Banking — (NRE or NRO Savings Account) which one NRI should open?

NRE or NRO savings account, which should I open is first doubt comes in mind of any Non Resident Indian (NRI), who wants to open saving accounts in India on Indian banks l and several other public sector banks which offer this facility. NRE and NRO are two kinds of accounts any NRI can open in India, NRE stands for Non Resident External while NRO stands for Non Resident Ordinary account, though both can be hold by Indians there are many differences between them and based upon your need you need to choose to open either NRE or NRO account in India. Almost all major banks both public sector and private sector allows NRI Indian to open both NRE and NRO account.

Difference between NRE and NRO account for NRI Indians

Now let’s see some differences between NRI and NRO account in India 
 1) First difference between NRE and NRO account is how you deposit money. Only foreign currency can be deposited into NRE account while you can deposit Indian rupees in NRO account. 
 2) Interest rates on NRE and NRO accounts could differ currently many banks provide almost same interest rates on NRE and NRO accounts 
 3) Another significant difference between NRE and NRO account is that Money in NRE account is tax free while its taxable in NRO account, if you are maintaining any NRI fixed deposit in your NRE account than both interest and principle are tax free while in case of NRO account interests are taxable. 
 4) If you are generating money from rents than you need to have an NRO account because INR currency cannot be deposited into NRO account. 
 5) Once money is in your NRE account you can transfer Indian Rupees (INR) to other accounts in India including NRO accounts. IF you are thinking to open NRE or NRO accounts choose banks which has better customer support and net banking facilities. 
 6) If you want to send money abroad from India, NRE account can be better choice than NRO account which impose a limit on how much amount you can transfer from India to abroad.
 If you are now looking for what is the best bank to open NRE and NRO account, please check out that article, it compares three major privates’ banks on various factors which are important for NRI e.g. service, convenience, interest rates and support.

Frequently asked Question on NRE and NRO Account:

Here is a list of some of the common doubt among NRI customers related to NRE and NRO account with Indian banks:

1) Can I open both NRE and NRO savings Account in India?

Yes you can open both NRE and NRO Savings account with one name; there is no restriction on that.
 2) Does interest earned on NRE and NRO Savings account is Tax Free?
 Interest on NRE Savings Account is tax free but on NRO savings account you need to pay tax much like any other saving account in India.
 3) Can I open NRE and NRO account in one Bank?
 Yes, you can open both NRE and NRO account in same bank. If you already have a resident saving account with any bank

This is what I know about NRI Banking NRE and NRO account and what difference between them. There could be some more, if you know then please post as comment. This will be a good reference point for any NRI Indians who are looking forward to open NRE or NRO savings account in India. Even if you are thinking to open both NRE and NRO which is a good idea, it’s beneficial to know limitations of your NRO savings account and what operations you can do and which transactions are not possible with NRO or NRE savings account.

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