Online Share Trading: An easy and convenient way to invest

With the world going online for just anything and everything, online share trading is not far behind. Almost all stock broking firms today offeran online share trading platform that acts as a one-stop solution offeringthe benefit of trading in varied asset classes such as equities (including IPOs), derivatives, currencies, commodities, bonds (including non-convertible debentures) and mutual funds.Online share trading is as secured as any online banking. There is a single sign-in with secured authentication and two factor password authentication that allows to trade with confidence.

There are various options available to trade which are designed to suit every investor’s trading needs in an online share tradingplatform. These include trading indelivery and intra-day.Delivery trading facility allows investors to place buy/ sell orders, wherein the transaction proceeds (of shares bought/ sold) are credited into the demat accountafter on a T+2 basis (i.e. in two working days).Intra-day trading is suitable for investors who have a larger risk appetite and can square-off their positions at the end of same trading day itself.

Online share trading also facilitates investors to have a consolidated view of his/her portfolio. It allows them access to all trade reports, charges applicable, dues payable and other information pertaining tothe trading account.

A trader can trade by placing orders during market hours that allows him to trade at the best obtainable price at the time of execution of the order.Clients can also place an order at a pre-defined price that is termed a ‘limit order’. One can also place a ‘cover order’, which allows for simultaneous stop loss.Investors can also go with the ‘Basket orders’ option to place multiple orders at a time.

For those investors who do not invest in shares regularly, there are stock broking firms that offer an after-market order (AMO) feature, which helps them place an order beyond the regular trading hours.Online share trading account helps clients approach various investment avenues in an integrated fashion allowing them to transact with ease.

An online share trading account allows investor to create a personalised market watch section, where they can add scrips according to his/her preference. As the name suggests, market watch allows investors to track their stocks with live streaming of stock prices.

Every broking house has an in-house research team who are experienced and experts in stock markets. They weigh all the pros and cons of the stock before giving their recommendation. Thus, it is always advisable to make informed trade decisions with the research reports published by these broking firms.

In conclusion, if stock trading felt intimidating and stressful, with a little help and accurate information, online share trading can be effortless and convenient.

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