What is Pre rented property and why to invest in it ? Why Gurgaon?

Pre Leased Investment Firm in Gurgaon

Pre Leased Property or Pre Rented Property is Property which is Leased Out to a INC or any MNC Company and is fetching a monthly return for a mutually agreed period.It fetches you a secured return from day one of your investment. Because buying Pre-leased property or re- rented property gives you proper idea and time before making an Investment.

It gives you the Idea about the Property you are investing in to and Idea about the tenant and about the lease terms. So its a investment where minimum risk is involved and Investors go through all due diligence before making any investment. For More Info Click Here


  • Pre Leased Office Space-:Pre Leased office Space is the most favored investment for those people who wants Higher ROI and have little lower ticket size for investment. Generally pre rented office space fetches you 6–8 % of ROI in Gurgaon. and starts from 1 cr .For More Info Click Here
  • Pre Leased Retail Space :- Generally Pre rented retail investment requires higher amount of money and fetches you lower ROI than Office Spaces. Generally it fetches you 4–6 %return on investment. For More Info Click Here
  • Pre Leased Bank /ATM :- Pre Leased Bank & Pre leasd ATM in Delhi & Gurgaon is considered the Best investment options and is always in great demand and require big ticket sizes in case of banks and lower ticket size in terms of ATMs. For More Info Click Here
  • Pre Leased Independent Building :- Pre Leased Independent building is generally bought by those investors who is having big ticket size and want to have his own building. it fetches you around 7–9 % Return on Investment. For More Info Click Here
Pre rented property in Gurgaon


Building:-Type & age of the building are crucial while taking an investment decision in pre leased property for sale in gurgaon. Newer the building with grade “A” office spaces will fetch better returns. One should also check the load bearing capacity of the floors, column to column distance (higher is better), floor to ceiling height (preferably 12’+ in case of offices). Energy efficient LEED certified/ Green buildings would be in demand in coming future. The building should also have adequate power back and good quality lifts adequate in number.

Tenant profile:-Tenant profile is one of the major aspects to be seen while investing in preleased properties. Tenant should have sustainable income source/ growing business/ future growth prospectus

Lease Term:-A longer lease term is better depending up on market situation. If drastic upward revival in rentals is seen in near future then shorter leases are also preferable.

Lock-in period:-Lock-in period is the minimum term that tenant should serve or pay for. Higher lock-in gives better security to the investment.

Pre rented commercial property in gurgaon
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