Written by Caroline Beret, Content Specialist at Animal Charity Evaluators.

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At the beginning of May 2019, a producer of pea-based chicken strips, beef burgers, and pork sausages accomplished a feat that hasn’t been achieved since the financial crisis of 2008. Beyond Meat’s stock price nearly tripled during their first day of trading, making the company the most successful IPO of 2019 so far. Impossible Foods, the producer of the Impossible Burger, might become the next veg*n producer to go public.

While concerns about a “pea bubble” are already being voiced, Beyond Meat’s impressive IPO can be seen as a sign…

Written by Caroline Beret, Content Specialist at Animal Charity Evaluators.

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As the supply of alternatives for animal products grows, so does the number of labeling bans. Right now it’s simultaneously legal in the U.K. and illegal in Australia to market plant-based ice-cream as ice-cream. French authorities have tried to ban terms like “vegan bacon” and “vegetarian mince.” Germany allows “tofu sausage,” but deems “tofu salami” problematic. In the United States, Missouri has passed a new law banning the label “meat” for meat alternatives, and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has announced similar plans for milk products.

These food labeling…

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Do you want to volunteer your time to help animals, but don’t know how to have the greatest possible impact? Just as it’s important to carefully consider which charities you want to support financially, it’s important to think about how to volunteer effectively. …

Written by Caroline Beret, Communications Intern at ACE

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Our finances hold a greater power over our lives than most people would like to admit. Animal advocates are no exception to this. While it’s important for us to strive to make dietary changes, donate to effective charities, and engage in outreach, it is our spending that ultimately determines how much money we can donate, how many unpaid volunteering hours we can afford, and how sustainable our advocacy can be in the long run.

Money has been reported to be the most common source of stress in the United States: an estimated…

Written by Erika Alonso, Director of Communications at Animal Charity Evaluators.

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As a nonprofit communicator, I’m always looking for the most effective ways to connect with our audience, and having the right tools to communicate our message is essential. Fortunately, there are many resources out there for managing social media, mailing lists, and websites that are offered at low to no-cost for nonprofits. Here are some of the resources we use at ACE, as well as some tips for finding the best deals for your organization.

Communications Tools

Slack — Free for nonprofits with 501(c)3 status, Slack helps us streamline our day-to-day…

At the end of last year, the BBC announced that veganism had gone mainstream, predicting that this year we would see a permanent shift in the way society views farmed animals. We have seen growth in the number of vegan restaurants and plant-based meat and dairy alternatives, and — according to social media trends — interest in veganism is rising. The animal advocacy movement could be a few crucial steps away from cementing anti-speciesist attitudes and producing immense change for farmed animals.

But we can’t take those steps without first identifying, promoting, and funding the most promising high-impact interventions and…

Periodically, ACE conducts interviews with activist leaders, charity representatives, influential funders, academic researchers, and other experts. Our interviews touch on several aspects of animal advocacy and serve as an outside view that helps showcase issues that we might otherwise miss on our own.

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In our latest interview, we had the pleasure of speaking to Kerry McCarthy, a British politician and the first vegan member of parliament (MP) in the House of Commons. We spoke with McCarthy about the challenges she has faced in getting veganism on the political agenda. We’ve featured a few highlights from the interview below.

Why did you decide to go vegan?

I became…

Written by Toni Adleberg, Director of Research at Animal Charity Evaluators.

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In the aftermath of the shooting in Parkland, Florida, some young survivors turned their grief into resolve. They rallied at the Florida Capitol, planned nationwide school walkouts, and organized a march on Washington. These confrontational tactics — protests, demonstrations, and marches — are typically the last resort of aggrieved groups who lack any traditional source of power. If one high school student can’t capture the attention of lawmakers, maybe one hundred can. …

Written by Roisin McAuley, Media Relations Manager at Animal Charity Evaluators.

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The best thing you can do for the environment on Earth Day might not be what you think.

Since Earth Day first began in 1970, the public has been encouraged to host grassroots events, promote recycling, and tackle pollution. But now, with over one billion people supporting Earth Day each year, it’s time to rethink environmental protection. This year, if you want to take one of the most effective actions to reduce your environmental impact, consider donating to an effective animal charity.

The link between the environment and animal…

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