OPINION: Life in 2k16

Nobody likes you when you’re 23. That’s certainly a statement I am willing to accept. However, I am not willing to accept it completely. Like any statement, it cannot truly ascertain the complete nuance behind the world we live in. That is why colleges exist; that is why I am writing this article.

I graduated from Bowling Green State University in December of 2015. That was a nice accomplishment, sure, but am I satisfied? No. I will never be satisfied. I think that is my nature as a human being. That is something that I think my father, my family, and gobs of other people have grossly underestimated about me. Does that mean I don’t love and cherish these people and their opinions? Of course not. That is the problem I am attacking though.

Too quick are we to assume that just because someone disagrees with our ideas that they are inherently against us. Too quick are we to assume that someone who embraces an ideal we disagree with is wrong. This is American culture at large! Do I have facts and evidence to back it up? Well, I may not have a specific source, but I have my experience as an American person myself to back it up. Here’s the thing, I went through college, so I know the importance of backing up one’s claims with sources. However, I also realize that one does not always need a source to back up one’s claims.

From my experience (mine, not yours necessarily), Americans are becoming way too conservative in all the wrong ways. Forget my political ideology. Forget your political ideology. Let’s look at American political ideology at large. We see news stories of college campuses being too cushy for students, yet we also see media pundits bashing gay people. Is that not a little hypocritical? Now, am I going to disagree with you if you choose to bash gay people? Absolutely. That’s just what I think, but am I going to accept my ideas to the point where I think you need to accept them no matter what? Hell no! Sure, I want you to accept what I think is right. I want you to accept it on your own terms though!

I am absolutely going to challenge you too. I expect the same from you. Challenge my ideas. I will defend them. If you convince me, then I will absolutely own up to it and concede. The problem is Americans are all too willing to defend their ideas and propagate their ideas beyond the last breath. I admire determination. I admire fighting until the last breath. Do not fight past that point though. Fight until you are convinced. Once you have lost a battle, admit your defeat. Please.

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