Dec 19, 2021

3 min read

Latest news from the devs

Hello lovely farmers!

The devs are silent, but they are working in silence. Here are all what we are working on behind the scenes :


We’re going to hold our next AMA on Youtube Live on Monday 27th December 2021. We received a great feedback from the community and hundreds of people sent us questions about the game and it’s development. We’re going to answer all your questions during this AMA and we’ll introduce the new website for you.

Website :

Here is a sneak peak on our next website. We can’t disclose everything yet but the new website will be launch during the last week of December (in between 27th & 31th December 2021). We are planning to integrate an animation on the main page and the finalized new roadmap should be available at the launch of the new website. The new whitepaper should follow right after.

Roadmap :

The finalised roadmap will be disclosed during the launch of our new website. Until then, here is a temporary roadmap that we can give you :

Game preview :

The game will be released in Q1 2022. We are going to share with you some game assets that will be used in game. We cannot yet release some gameplay video but the gameplay will be released in January.

As you can see, these assets are the same used in the main picture at the beginning of this medium article. Did you notice the barn, the pickup and the animals ? They will all be in game. Yes, we’re going to have the animals you see in the picture and we’re going to give you a sneak peak on all others animals during this week. The animals sale will be available in January 2022 !

Land Sale :

The WAX land sale will be closed this sunday 19th December 2021 at 9 PM UTC. There is no need to add lands to the market for now and we will eventually relaunch on a later date (maybe sometime around the game launch) with a better marketing.

AWC token :

As promised we’re going to burn 50% of the AWC received during our last land sale + a little extra that was not planned. We’re going to burn today 2 625 000 AWC. The transaction will be shared by tomorrow.

Like we said before, AWC will have a use case during the game and the trees will not produce AWC after the launch game but fruits to fulfill the daily market order.

We advise to keep your AWC for next event and the launch of the game.

Giveaways :

Starting on monday 20th December 2021, we’re going to have multiple giveaway & surprises on our discord :