Let me in.

He had been walking for a long time now. Tired and hungry, in need of sleep. 
Saw a light, yes he did. 
At a distance, behind the trees.

It felt like home. It looked like home.
Put him at ease. Something about the soft light. The garden pebbles. The way the roses peeked at him. 
Put him at ease, yes it did.

'Knock knock'
He heard a floorboard creak. 
Someone came to door.
He was sure, yes he was. 
The curtain moved. 
And a gentle but a scared face spied upon him.

He smiled. And stared. His eyes said what he couldn’t say, Let me in.

‘I’m scared’ she uttered.
Scared of what all could happen. 
Take your chances. He begged. 
‘I mean no harm. Let me in. 
I just need rest. I’m tired.’
‘Too long. The journey was too long. 
I’m home. Please let me in'

She stood at the doorway. 
As did he. 
Hours passed. 
Both fell asleep

At the doorstep.

I wonder what would have happened if she had let him in.

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