Tell them.

As a person, who falls in love with everything and everyone, okay almost everyone, the girl who helped the child up the stairs, the guy who gently flicked away the hair from his girlfriends' face.
Who gets excited with anything, who catapults any small incident, makes it hulk size, inside her head, it would be unfair to say that I haven’t had a fair share of infatuations, embarrassing number I must say (Why are numbers such a big deal anyway? But I digress.)

What is about this weird little thing, that spares no one. *The monster* 
You are attracted to a person, you can hear your friends going, OH GOD, not again! and the world starts revolving around them. 
YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHY. Sometimes you even don’t like this person, but you are attracted to them.
Sometimes You don’t even know this person. *Celebrity crushes are an entirely different genre, I tell you* And sometimes you haven’t even met this person. *Thank you Facebook -.-*
No, I’m not talking about Tinder where since you both swipe right, Its clear you guys are on the same page, um hopefully!

I was having this discussion the other day, about how memories are generated or stored, our synapses working, making connections. Love in the same way, is a combination of neurochemistry , the hormones and neurotransmitters that make us feel certain emotions.

But what is troubling or maybe not, is that I make no effort, oh no. not even the slightest one to hide it. I find you cute? YOU WILL know about it.

A while ago, I said this to this person how adorably cute I found him. (NO, I wasn’t in love with him). He said, thank you. That’s good to know.

Now, that’s what I am saying, you may think "BURN", but No. I think that’s the entire point!

TELL THEM. Be reckless. It has his downsides, you will be thought of someone who says nice things to please people or you will get your insides hurt. Bad. But you will get over it.
But NO, if you find your friend to be pretty, tell them. Tell them they look beautiful! Genuinely. Nobody will think you are hitting on them and not that it matters if you were anyway.

Be brutally honest about how you feel, tell the person who you think you are in love with, that you think you are in love with them. It may not be love or for that period of time, maybe it was. A tiny infinity? Who knows?

Just don’t be distant and cold.
You never know what’s coming next.