Introducing Native, A Community Based Value Adding Platform.


It is in human nature to tend to be sympathetic and thus align himself with causes that are of particular interest to him — this is never an odd phenomenon. The invention of blockchain technology and bitcoin in 2008 has ensured the ease with which decentralised communities consisting of people with same inclinations and tendencies are created. These various decentralised communities, which now exists without the fear of governmental interferences or regulations, ensured the existence of a ground for people of common interest and goal to join forces together and work together (collectively) to acheive their goal. This collective force ensured that the overall effort exerted toward achieving the goal is incredibly larger than individual force and thus an overall increase in their creativity is witnessed.

The blockchain technology has given birth to numerous decentralised communities and projects which has overtime disrupt several sectors such as the banking, social media, blogging, gaming among others. While many such decentralised communities have sprung to the advantage of the general users, it is never without its own flaws too. For instance, any have lost their valuable funds to over-rated projects whose proficiency is never as advertised by the project managers or which never existed at all. This is mostly as a result of the non-tech savviness of the users which the project users usually take advantage of.

What if there exist a platform where these users (non-tech savvy users) can develop their own currencies and a mechanism which can be used to value the community currency against each other within a global framework? Here is what Native is set to accomplish.


Native platform is one where users are allowed to join networks in order to collectively create projects that are of their particular interest in the community. It allows the users to create their own currency which can be used to coordinate all the features of the community. This is a platform that is set to completely disrupt the methods with which communities coordinate their affairs and may eventually create a perfer community for what it really stands for.

Native Platform is founded by Jake Vartanian, who previously founded Cryptodex — the first Token Launch Consulting firm. He realized that the value of a project depends not only on the utility of the product, but also on the community using and supporting it. Native is a platform built upon that of the Ethereum blockchain and remains the only platform that allows its users to be able to value their communities and compare their currencies with each other within a global framework, hence enhancing their effectiveness and possibility of increasing in value.

In this case, shared value is created and has the tendency to be stored in new currency (i.e cryptocurrrency) which are transferable and able to work independently of centralised currencies.