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  • DoctorKev


    Physician. Obsessed with anime, manga, comic-books. Husband and father. Christian. Fascinated by tensions between modern culture and traditional faith. Bit odd.

  • Reid Braaten - TheMamaLuigi

    Reid Braaten - TheMamaLuigi

    Master of Arts graduate with a focus on anime and representations of otaku culture in Japanese media. AniTAY’s resident editor. Finding time to do something.

  • Stinolez


    Proud writer for AniTAY and normal guy loving anime, video games and other nerdy stuff.

  • Dark Aether

    Dark Aether

    Writer, contributor, critic for TAY, AniTAY. Video Games, Anime and other assorted musings. Not Dead Yet. @TheGrimAether

  • Kevin Mai - Reikaze

    Kevin Mai - Reikaze

    Freelance writer, Tech, Anime and Visual Novel enthusiast! Owner of Rockmandash Reviews & writer for @_anitay & @fuwan0vel.

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