Pre-Roll Video — 3 Tips to Benefit the Developers

What makes an article acceptable before the web crawlers? The informative nature, blend with perfect style and uniqueness in story telling helps. At the same time, the use of best images and captivating videos prevents the content from being totally bland and boring. The inclusion of pre-roll ads can have either positive or adverse effect on the viewer. It can be annoying for the visitors to tolerate the ads for proposed number of seconds or may prove to be beneficial in generating curiosity among the web crawlers. Skipping the videos is easy but engaging the audience to view the video is what makes sense. Creating pre-rolls of highest quality with engaging content can be difficult, especially with such short running time.

So, how to create brilliant pre-roll video adverts to catch the audience attention? Here are 3 essential tips to make the video catchier:

1. Try to add value to the content

It is very easy to copy a video; what makes sense is adding value to the content. You need to understand that time is limited when it comes to pre-roll video features. In that short time frame, you need to delight the audience and build on their curiosity level through the short video feature.

2. Never make the video too long

While developing the video, try to make it shortest in length, not exceeding the duration of 15 seconds. Try presenting the message in the shortest version possible while trying to entice the audience. Anything beyond the 30 seconds’ mark is a strict No!

3. Emphasizing on Call-to-Action part of the video

Remember, pre-roll video is not about your business presentation. It is an approach to drive the CTA. Therefore, cut down on the messaging part and ensure the briefest possible way to generate a meaningful message.

Creating pre-roll advertisement videos can be difficult and tricky. Numerous companies have failed to deliver the most effective pre-roll ads in the near past. However, the scenario has improved of late. The approach to develop pre-roll video ads have changed for better. What about you? What’s your take?