Handheld Gaming Windows PC v2

I honestly think mobile gaming is untap potential, atleast now big games like fortnite, ark and grid are starting to come on board. Now this goes to my next point, its a handheld right? What if we dont nee a handheld with a screen, what if we could use modular approach of surface book. Mobile phone with increased functionality when docked to a hand held frame, think as joy cons(too small though) with pc inside or like the Gameboy you just illustrated. Where it house an intel core i5 with mx 150gpu coz it use low power, that you attach behind / below smartphone. And through usb type c it feeds power and display data to the phone so the android or ios phone turns to a windows phone. If usb cant drive display data into the phone, the handheld module could have a dedicated wifi module to send the data to the phone, this is totally possible as we have seen many apps in the apps store that uses your phone as pc screen of wifi. Where is this concept being applied. I read an article lenovo is prototyping a tablet that has a performance keyboard like the high end surface laptop that has gtx 1060 in the keyboard. Pretty sure lenovo will have a gpu on board of it too but twist is when keyboard is undocked the tablet runs android, when docked it changes to windows. Quite interesting right? I think this how modular phones should be approached. Reason i say phone as base is because many people have mobile that is daily driver, has amazing cameras and call function. To cut down on costs we could have a handheld kind of pad that houses all internal of a laptop/pc with thunderbolt 3 support to add extra external gpu at home or work for heavier gaming on now your monitor. The handheld have battery so as to power itself or charge tge mobile device. I dont know how to end posts but tell me what you think…