51 Coolest Attack on Titan Figures

When September 9, 2009 rolled around the Attack on Titan manga got it’s debut. In April of 2013, the manga was adapted into an anime and ever since people across the globe have been craving more. The genius storyline developed by Hajime Isayama has since sparked the imagination of millions, and with that came the inevitable collectible sales.

Collecting things has been a hobby for humanity for quite some time now, but recently (in the scope of human existence) anime figures from popular cartoons and anime have made their way into our hears, homes and pocketbooks. Each style of figure differs from others by pose, accessories, articulation, etc…

With so many options to choose from it can be a pain to figure out which one would have the most aesthetic appeal, especially when there’s so many awesome creators pulling out all the stops for some! So instead of having to do it yourself, we here at Statue and Anime Figure News have compiled a list of the 50 coolest Attack on Titan figures with a description of each so you can see exactly what each figure brings to the table.

Colossal Titan Statue by Good Smile Company

The massive titans are finally going to be able to breach the wall after this colossus rips through the stone like butter. This massive figure is almost twenty inches tall with some truly stunning attention to detail. Each muscle has its tone and definition, proudly displayed with the small creases and all! The head features magnificently done bone with strips of muscle here and there with a scowl only a titan could manage to pull off.

Levi Ackerman 1:8 BRAVE-ACT Figure by Sentinel

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Levi poses with swords drawn; the minimal wind barely picks up his cloak as he stands atop some rubble from a building long since destroyed by the Titans. This pre-painted figure of the Special Operations Squad Leader has a removable cape as well as an alternative set of hands and swiveling head for more customization options, allowing you to pick which side is his best!

figma #203 Mikasa Ackerman by Max Factory

Mikasa is one of the biggest characters in Attack on Titan and one of the fan favorites as well. This figure comes attached to a clear post, allowing you to put her in any pose you deem fit! The sword-wielding arms and can both be moved and posed to your liking as well as her legs, but the way the scarf and cloak are flapping a ‘falling gracefully’ pose or even an attack pose would probably work out for the better.

figma #207 Eren Yeager by Max Factory

Eren should be standing proud with all of his accomplishments throughout the series and that’s exactly what this figure is about. With removable cape and sword belt you can switch up his outfit a bit along with his pose!

Mikasa Ackerman DX ver. 1:8 Figure by Good Smile Company

Mikasa takes to the rooftops in this incredibly detailed piece of art; leaping away in a rush to slay her next titan or dodging certain death. The attention paid to every aspect of this figure is really what makes it worth putting as the prime piece of your collection, but the downside is that the pose is set. Even still, you have to see it for yourself.

Levi Ackerman Cleaning Ver. BRAVE-ACT 1:8 Figure by Sentinel

Who cleans up the mess after the heroes save the day? The answer is Levi, and he’s cleaning in style! This figure comes with attachable bandana and cape, a couple dusters and a couple pairs of hands to change out depending on what pose he needs to be in. All while standing atop the rubble of a fallen building he’ll probably end up helping to pick up.

figma #213 Levi Ackerman by Max Factory

If you don’t have a good image in your head as to how Levi should look, he should definitely be charging into danger head on! This figure allows a bit of customization allowing you to decide for yourself what’s best, but the cape fanning out behind him that comes with the figure really helps set the mood for a speedy chase!

Eren Yeager Nendoroid #375 by Good Smile Company

It just wouldn’t come out of Japan if there weren’t a chibii version of it and this Eren figure is a monumental testament to that! With adjustable arms and legs along with a pair of gigantic blue eyes this little guy is ready to hobble into action wherever he winds up. His swords have even been miniaturized, looking as adorable as he does in this awesome little figure.

Levi Ackerman ARTFX J Statue by Kotobukiya

Here’s one Levi figure that manages to stand out above the rest, with the full weight of his skill and precision behind it. Leaping off a scarred and beaten tree, whipping his swords around to make that well-known cut he’s practiced a million times before. The attention to the little details are exactly what make this figure one of the coolest Levi figures out there!

Mikasa Ackerman Nendoroid #365 by Good Smile Company

This Mikasa Nendoroid is a spectacular figure for every fan of the deadly teenager, and one of the few figures that has her with a slight smile! The level of detail on her is about as much as you’d expect from a chibii, with her miniature badge displayed proudly from her coat.

figma #EX-017 Armin Arlert by Max Factory

If there’s ever any doubt on which direction to go, Armin has you covered! Tossing his cape out behind him, he’s there to make sure everyone has the best chance of survival. Holding a single sword in his right hand which can also be removed if need be, you can also remove the cape for a more “ridiculous” pose if you so choose. The shading and color are all spectacular and you can tell Armin is finally getting some much needed attention!

Levi Ackerman Nendoroid #390 by Good Smile Company

It’s no surprise that Levi looks as if he’s tired of all the garbage he has to deal with outside of the titans with this chibii figure. With removable cape and sword belt you get to decide what he’s doing to make him look so eager to be done with it, maybe a fist fight with Eren?

Eren Yeager ARTFX J Statue by Kotobukiya

Eren takes to the trees with the ARTFX J Statue, leaping across the battlefield in a desperate attempt to do something — anything — against the titans. With his swords ready to whip around on a moment’s notice, this beautiful Eren figure is one of the best, and a personal favorite to more than a few.

Mikasa Ackerman Real Action Heroes #648 Figure by Medicom Toy

Mikasa just wouldn’t be herself if she wasn’t looking off to the side somewhere contemplating all the things she has to do for Eren’s sake. This figure comes with an optional face part allowing her to actually look like the loving girl we all know her to be — little smirk and all!

Colossal Titan Nendoroid #360 by Good Smile Company

A chibii titan is still a titan, and this colossal is still something very much to be feared! He comes with an awesome little town backdrop and a couple citizens to constantly terrify. There’s even a secret third titan included! The best part about this figure is the definition of the titan’s muscles on top of a chubby little body, making him look buff and adorable all at once.

Levi Ackerman 1:7 Figure by Pulchra

Levi is returning from action in this beautifully detailed figure; cape billowing out behind him as he steps down from a dark stone ledge. With a single sword in hand, the other stored in his belt and two more stuck in the stone he shows you exactly why he’s one of the best there is by attitude alone!

Levi Ackerman Real Action Heroes #662 Figure by Medicom Toy

This standalone Levi figure is perfect for almost any collector due to the complete versatility of the figure. You can place him in almost any pose you’d like to see and most parts are interchangeable.

Annie Leonhart Real Action Heroes #671 Figure by Medicom Toy

This Annie figure is absolutely stunning, with a lot of attention being focused on the fine details. From the dark brown boots to her tan jacket; wielding both swords she should have never needed in the Military Police Brigade had she not been involved in a much darker scheme. You can remove her jacket and swords as well if you’d rather see her looking like a fist-to-fist fighter!

Eren Yeager 1:8 Figure by Good Smile Company

Launching himself from a nearby chimney Erin heads closer to that sweet spot on the back of the neck of a nearby titan. This figure shows a calmness to Eren’s face, so we can only assume this is before he lost anyone close to him. The detail displayed on the figure (including the chimney) is fantastic and the coloration is beautiful — right down to the shine on his boots.

Eren Yeager BRAVE-ACT 1:8 Figure by Sentinel

Even the most well defended fortress requires your average sentry, and that’s exactly what Eren is up to in this figure. Standing proudly atop red stone bricks his cape flutters all around him, his face a mix of determination and rage at the enemy before him. The dark colors really help set Eren’s mood in this gorgeous figure.

Armin Arlert BRAVE-ACT 1:8 Figure by Sentinel

Armin joins the Sentinel team with a remarkable resemblance to his manga version. As he stands atop a dark red stone floor, swords waiting to be refilled and sheer determination not to be left behind on his face. His hair is blowing slightly to the left and has plenty of detail to it as well; overall a gorgeous figure worthy of display.

Mikasa Ackerman ARTFX J Statue by Kotobukiya

Dashing away from danger is something Mikasa is very good at; using anything around for some tight in-air maneuvers. In the ARTFX J Statue she’s using a dead and cut up tree, left foot gently resting on a branch jutting out for a little added stability. She scans her enemy, judging her next move and waiting for the perfect opportunity to attack.

figma #EX-020 Levi Ackerman Cleaning ver. by Max Factory

Levi always intends to be part of the cleaning crew, especially when you know how obsessed he is with it! The EX-020 does a fantastic job of turning the usual gloomy Captain into an AoT motherly maid! It comes with four different pairs of hands, three total facial expressions, three total hairstyles and four cleaning tools he can use at your discretion.

Levi Ackerman Cleaning ver. Nendoroid #417 by Good Smile Company

Nendoroid Levi is prepared to get down and dirty, even if that means talking down to a few bystanders as they come along! This Nendoroid figure comes with an alternate face, two alternate arm styles and enough cleaning supplies to make sure his designated area is cleaned the only way he knows how!

Erwin Smith BRAVE-ACT 1:8 Figure by Sentinel

Erwin makes his Sentinel debut with a massive 9.56” figure providing testament to his presence. The color and attention to detail are pretty spot on as he commands the attack from behind. His face seems to reek of experience and a sense of command, really putting this piece near the top of many collector’s lists.

Levi Ackerman mensHdge No.3 Statue by Union Creative

Sometimes you need to take a break from work to enjoy the finer things in life, and Levi knows how to do that with class! This figure is fully dressed up, lounging back in a red lounge chair enjoying a nice cup of what we can assume is coffee. With his signature scowl you just know there’s someone around he doesn’t want to deal with!

Mikasa Ackerman PM Figure by SEGA

When something goes wrong, who’s going to step up to the plate to fix it? Mikasa is known for rushing headlong into anything she can to keep Eren alive, and usually ends up being the best at it! It’s no different for this figure as she’s forever posed to be headlong into her own devotions.

Armin Arlert Nendoroid #435 by Good Smile Company

Armin’s getting his chibii on, but that doesn’t make him complacent. With swords drawn and his confidence taking hold he’s ready for a titan or two!

Levi Ackerman 1:8 Figure by Good Smile Company

When a titan is trying to chase down Levi he can only look down on them with disgust, right before he kills them. This figure displays him pouncing off the included head of a titan, getting into the perfect position for what comes next. Both his sword belt and cape are removable, so you do have some variability with his pose, but you’ll really want to keep it all together!

Eren Yeager Real Action Heroes #668 Figure by Medicom Toy

This standalone and standard Eren figure offers a lot of versatility, allowing you to change and manipulate his pose to your liking. This would be the perfect figure you’d want for different group-shots and mass poses!

Levi Ackerman Master Stars Piece Figure by Banpresto

Levi stands tall, overlooking the most recent battlefield with his cape floating out around him from the breeze. While you can equip his 3D maneuver gear functionally this figure unfortunately doesn’t come with it.

Mikasa Ackerman Figure by FuRyu

Mikasa is the type of person that likes to keep a good eye on the playing field, especially when the titans are involved. With her right foot settled on a tattered and broken wall and her hair slightly splayed to her right side you can tell she’s about to head off somewhere else quick! This figure comes as-is, but the coloring and attention to detail is beautiful.

Mikasa Ackerman 1:8 Figure by quesQ

Mikasa is posed with a sidelong glance towards her target. She’s poised for a fight.

Eren Yeager Figure by FuRyu

Eren is still in training but definitely has the hang of things, swinging around to slice whatever is in his way. This figure has an added bonus of featuring the 3D maneuver gear in action as a hook is shooting out on its way toward a solid wall amongst the rubble. The one issue this figure has is the face, which many collectors agree simply looks goofy.

Mikasa Ackerman 7-Inch Color Tops Green Wave #20 Action Figure by McFarlane Toys

McFarlane Toys first foray in Attack on Titan figures is a beauty. The Mikasa Ackerman 7-Inch Color Tops Green Wave #20 Action Figure is rich in detail and features an authentic likeness of Mikasa from the anime. She features multiple articulation points and stylized brand specific display base allowing for a variety of dynamic posing options.

Mikasa Ackerman 1:7 Figure by Pulchra

Time to run! Mikasa narrowly escapes the grips of a deadly titan, but she’s nowhere near worried. With her signature red scarf flowing out behind her you can tell she’s moving fast, but the position of her swords tells us she’s searching for her moment against an extremely deadly foe. Her facial expression is remarkably similar to how she is as a person in general, so there’s always that added bonus!

Levi Ackerman PM Figure by SEGA

Fighting never stops on account of the rain, especially for those in the Survey Corps. This Levi figure’s coloration looks almost like that was the original plan for him, but you’d have to add water to him yourself for a better picture than you’d get by just leaving him alone! The big question here is, is he going for the kill, or just finishing one?

Eren Yeager Cleaning ver. BRAVE-ACT 1:8 Figure by Sentinel

This figure is just like the regular Sentinel BRAVE-ACT figure with the added parts needed to turn Erin into a castle maid. His facial expression says it all though, “I did not join the Survey Corps for this!”

Armin Arlert Real Action Heroes #676 Figure by Medicom Toy

This Armin figure is for fans that like to have a little variability in more than just his pose, but prefer messing with the style as well. It comes with a sidelong glance face as well as his regular look of determination. Standing at almost a foot tall with an awesomely detailed body, the biggest issue with its looks stems from the face — which does look a little funny.

Mikasa Ackerman Hdge No.5 Figure by Union Creative

If you ever imagine Mikasa going in for a kill, then this figure displays the exact face you’re thinking of. With a look of pure, unadulterated disdain for the creatures she sets out to slay and her swords ready to swing she is definitely one of the most formidable enemies the titans have ever seen!

Eren Yeager Master Stars Piece Figure by Banpresto

Eren is standing tall and proud for his Master Stars Piece with a face that says he’s not there to play around! While this particular figure doesn’t come with the 3D maneuver gear it’s still a beautiful version of Eren that most collectors enjoy.

Rogue Titan Bust by SEGA

This rogue titan bust has more detail than the pictures can do justice for, because the closer you get the more you realize is actually there. The hair is incredibly detailed as are the muscles in his chest. With his mouth parted a little way you can even see a bit of the massive tongue hidden behind his teeth, which each have their own level of detail.

Levi Ackerman Figure by FuRyu

This Levi figure goes to show just how deadly the guy really is, even without having his swords drawn. The dark green cape he wears blows out behind him as he reaches to either side of his hips for the swords waiting to be used. His face shows no fear, only contempt for what he’s about to have to do. This is definitely one of the best poses he could be in solo and goes to show what FuRyu can do when they put their minds to it.

Levi Ackerman mensHdge No.3 DX ver. Statue by Union Creative

This is a more modern take on the classy Mens Hdge №3 featuring Levi in a full-blown suit with slacks and all; they even updated the chair he was sitting in to look more like leather! The one thing that hasn’t changed much is his expression, because Levi would always be annoyed at having to dress up like this!

Eren Yeager DXF Cleaning ver. Figure by Banpresto

This figure shows Eren exactly as you could imagine him looking if he was told to sweep up the entire building by himself, with a complete look of incredulity. Holding onto an old fashioned bamboo broom and wearing a handkerchief on his head, he looks like he’ll end up doing it anyways.

Levi Ackerman DXF Cleaning ver. Figure by Banpresto

Levi is never happy when the place isn’t clean, which is fairly often when you’re constantly running in and out of it with wet and muddy clothes. Regardless, he knows it needs to be done and he’s prepared to help! This figure features Levi in a blue button-down with a bandana around his neck and one on his head holding onto a duster you just know will see more use in his hands than anyone elses!

Female Titan Statue by A-Toys

This massive female titan figure stands almost three full feet tall in her now famous fighting stance. The fleshy portions are beautifully painted and look like the bloody muscle the colossus titans are famous for. While it’s not the most detailed piece you’ll find, it’s definitely one of the biggest and one of the most ferocious looking.

Colossal Titan Bust by SEGA

Just like with the rogue titan bust this colossal titan bust is better seen in person than in a photograph — they just don’t do it proper justice. From the lines in the muscles to the coloration and grooves in the bones this massive titan is a testament to the raw anger that they display.

Colossal Titan Ultimate Modeling Collection Figure by PLEX

If you want a colossal titan that has size as well as a high level of detail, then this figure from Plex is right up your alley. Coming in at close to two feet tall this colossal is finishing up making quick work of a massive stone wall, with an Attack on Titan plaque front and center. The fine muscle definition and beautiful shading on the bones really help put this beast towards the top of almost any AoT figure list!

Eren Yeager POP! Vinyl Figure by Funko

The POP! figure of Eren adds a whole other level of silliness that the Nendoroids just can’t compete with. His face is a lifeless mask, almost as if he just learned something that really made him shrink!

Eren Yeager Figure by Namoji

This incredibly beautiful figure comes pre-painted by the designer himself, with the level of detail being what you’d expect from a figure this unique. He’s bloody all over, but he’ll live to fight another day.

That wraps up our list of the 50 coolest Attack on Titan figures on the market right now. From the debonair to the down and dirty; the AoT team has figures covering a plethora of activities they can pose in the middle of! Out of every figure you’ve seen here which is your favorite? Which ones would you most like to see together?

Originally published at Statue & Anime Figure News.




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