A war between anime distributors

Nov 4, 2018 · 2 min read

As any anime lovers, neophytes or veterans, finding the best streaming site is an endless battle. You try really hard to stay on the legal side of the internet, but sometimes, pirating seems to be the only option available for your wallet and also, to get a real choice of anime selection. I’m here to tell you one of the reasons why.

Last week, Funimation ceased its partnership with Crunchyroll. For those who don’t know, both of them are a platform where you can watch anime by paying a subscription. However, this decision impacts directly the viewers. Funimation gets the exclusivity of some anime and Crunchyroll lose some. Myself, being a my-free-time-goes-on-anime, this made me realize that it won’t be possible for me to have only one subscription to watch all my series and discover new ones.

Here’s my thought on that matter.

Years passed and animation gets globally bigger and popular. Companies start to understand that those ‘‘cartoons’’ are not cartoon. Like Berserk or Attack on Titans are not meant for kiddos. That Japanese animation are internationally something. And those companies are all trying to get the biggest part of the cake. And we, little viewers of the world, get the smallest part.

Only by using the free trial of Funimation, Crunchyroll, Hulu, and Amazon, you can watch anime up to 88 days, for free. And this is only four of those streaming services. It kind of looks fair during those three months, but afterward, you will fall in the same system; having to choose and to pay.

I don’t have any solutions to that, I just want to share my part of ‘‘ Can I watch My Hero Academia and Skull-face Bookseller Honda-san without having to pay up to twenty bucks per month?’’ Sure, you can go on any illegal streaming sites and watch it. We all did and still do. But I’ve always loved being one with the community and encouraging the creator who makes my favorite series. But sadly, it’s a game for these big foes and because of that, even if we love our mangaka, we have to watch their anime on unlicensed sites to fill in our addiction of anime.

So, yeah. Don’t be ashamed of that, it’s not your fault.


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