Why sports anime makes us feel good

Nov 26, 2018 · 2 min read
YaoYao Ma Van As

As I was watching Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteru, adapted by the studio Production I.G who has also created Haikyu!!, Kuroko no Basket, Tennis no Ouji-Sama and others, I felt a desire to, myself, go on a run. And it wasn’t the first time I felt this appeal to move myself out of my shut-in kinda life.

Sports related anime have the magical capacity to empower us.

Moving us out of our comfort zone to start something new. I do sound a little excessive, but those series definitely light a sparkle within me. We all want to be quick as Little Giant or badass like Joe. We won’t become talentous athletes and flagged the Olympics with our country colour, but at a certain point, they makes us realize that we can create for ourselves a passion that will elevate our mindset and maybe, make some friends, you know.

This text is more like an ode to all the times I wanted to start a sport, have a routine and became a fitness freak — instead of an anime freak.

So, if you don’t know what to binge watch and feel a little like an al-dente pasta — between squishy and ready — trust me, go on your Animega app, a subscription based anime content platform and search for sports anime. You won’t regret.

Those series are not the kind that you watch half-eyes. You want to know everything about the sport, you want to understand the passion of the protagonist and the antagonist and you WANT to be a part of the team.

You know, those football — or hockey, I’m Canadian — fans who cry, scream and jump at everything during a game? You will feel the same. As if the anime is live and that your favorite needs to win. You are gonna be really hyped and that is the beauty of sport anime.


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Animega is an anime content platform to stream anime episodes, movies and manga. https://www.animega.co/

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