My design thinking journey -blog

Design thinking has been the most creative and most different class throughout this semester from the first class itself for me. It has always been more focused towards practical skills which can be useful in our life rather than the theoretical based knowledges we are used to getting in other courses. From the very first day of the semester, the classes of design thinking was really different and I also was confused about the motive of this course. But after getting used to this subject for two classes I got to know that this course can really be helpful in any business related works as this class taught us to be creative and taught us about brain storming and also taking the feedback from the users.

Over the past three and a half months design thinking taught us about identifying the users need, learning about the users problem, empathy, prototyping, brain storming and so on. Design thinking is all about designing a product in a creative way and getting out of the box and helps us to identify the users problems and work onto it and satisfy them.

During this three and a half months period we learned so many things that was really new to me, things that I have never even heard before. Firstly we learnt about identifying the users problem and converting into a compact statement which helps to explain the theme of the users struggle. After knowing about the problem we learned about empathizing the users needs and focused on what the user actually wants. And then we learned about prototyping the product which was one of the most important job and then the testing phase begins where we get the necessary feedbacks which is very essential for any business. Finally after all the hard work the final task is to launch the product or service in the market. Not only these things, but we also built and learned about business model canvas where we got to learn about the structure of the business which basically tells about the business activity. And finally we were asked to present as group on the various issues that exist right now in the market because of this global pandemic ( COVID 19) where we basically summarized all topics we learnt in this semester which helped me to gain a lot of knowledge about things I never thought would touch upon anywhere in this semester.

~Animesh Shakya