In The fight between Snapchat and Instagram , It is YOU who is winning .

Unless you have been living under the rock, You might have noticed social Media going crazy over Instagram bluntly coping Snapchat. Experts giving their prized opinion , people debating about ethics. Some comparing features while others making it an Age issue as Millennials vs rest (comically explained by Andy Boyle) But some emotional nerds and fans took it to their heart.

Like how could Mark Zuckerberg do such kind of thing? copying others, it was not a Facebook thing. They were always innovative and creative. ( On the other side of the story many social sites have in past copied Facebook's features like news feed and other stuff. But Mark didn't complain. )

People started retaliation , commenting on Google play and Apple App store , degrading app stars to taking on their feeling publicly on twitter. Some die hard Snapchat fans even deleted their Instagram account and swear never to come back.

I am a fan of both the products and I believe, we are taking this issue negatively . There is a positive side to this whole story. As the competition rises between the products and their reputation being at stake. In upcoming days we will see dramatic and drastic improvements in both apps. With Snapchat and IG lining up more features and fun Stuff . Its a WIN situation for us. I am eagerly waiting for next big Snapchat update.

I can only give you one suggestion , In the war between Snapchat and Instagram , grab a popcorn , Netflix and chill. 😉

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