Have you ever fallen in Love with someone at your workplace? What! Just Recently? Congrats…

You must be very happy that finally you have found your soul mate :).

A relation which started as a casual Office Colleagues then it turned into a good friendship & at last you both were badly hurt by Cupid’s Arrow, Love blossomed.

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Too sweet, right? But have you ever thought, what downsides it may have? Means falling in love with someone at your workplace.

How it can totally jeopardise your personal & professional life both at once?

Still you may not have gone that much deeper that’s why you are so relaxed about it. But I have seen in my own eyes how a young promising lad suffered badly due to this emotional involvement with one of his colleague. …

In the very First Date with your New Girlfriend if you start comparing her with your Ex then only God can save you from the Disaster. Though there is no such guarantee because in this situation even God might tell you

“What the hell are you doing my boy, don’t you know the Golden Rule of First Date” :)!

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What there are some Golden Rules? I didn’t know! Don’t yell on yourself just relax there is no such thing, the only thing which needs there and in any situation like this is your Common Sense.

Yup; that’s what is ultimately required! Otherwise if you do such dumb thing then just be assured that you have nailed it in the coffin of your relationship before it even took off.

How could you even thought that a girl who is going to start a relationship with you will be happy after getting that you are such an ass-hole who compares her with his Ex at every step. …

Wanna create a nicely crafted Explainer Video for your Product or Company, which will help your company’s identity to reach out to millions?

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Good Initiative but do you know what common mistakes most of people make while they are planning to such a video?

You may ask, why? If I hire some expert in this process then why mistakes will occur.

I may not be the expert but there are corresponding persons or agencies to whom I will outsource. Then?

Obviously you will outsource that’s the way of doing if you/ your company doesn’t have expertise in a certain area.

But to get the work done via outsourcing also demands lots of things & when you are outsourcing the work of creating a nicely crafted Explainer Video the matter becomes much more complex. …

Have patience because many great relationships come at the verge of the end due to this !

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Having patience is the key metric to keep a relationship alive ! Image Credit: Freerange Stock

“Patience” the term may seems very simple but keeping it at essential times of your life is the real challenge.

In a relationship we all have to go through several rough patches and these are the real tests of our patience.

Because most of the time a healthy relationship ends due to the lack of this simple but not so easy thing, either from both end or from any one side.

So let’s find out why keeping patience is so important for any relationship?

  • For long term it will be beneficial, if anyone of you can handle everything patiently then you will get the actual benefit of it in the long run.
  • You will be able to keep aside all unnecessary troubles which may come due to restlessness. …

Peoples don’t want your product. They want a solution to their burning problems.

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Offering a solution (Image Credit: Freerange Stock)

As a sales/ marketing person at first you should try to understand your customer’s problem (s).

Based on that create a compelling story line regarding how your solution can be a real saviour from the problem.

Tell this to your customers in an engaging manner & see how they react or get immersed within this.

It is the actual way which all the marketers should follow. But many time instead of focusing on problem solving, sales persons focus on selling first.

But you have to remember, that’s not the actual way. Because nobody will care about your product initially, until you show them how your product can solve their existing problem (s). …

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