Father’s face: a true story

An interesting application of T2F…

Face generated by T2F for the descripition

I did a project titled “T2F: Text to face generation using deep learning” a few months ago. The main objective of the project was to generate images of people’s faces based on their descriptions in the form of natural language text. Basically, it was an instance of the Text-to-Image synthesis but with scope narrowed down to images of faces. My motivation behind doing the project was primarily to quench my curiosity about how the fictional characters from novels would look as imagined by an AI based program given their textual descriptions in the books. That project was appreciated worldwide by the academicians, students and industry professionals alike.

One fine day, I found a particularly unique email among the emails that I had received for the T2F project. The sender was Gabriel Hensche (click the name for more info), a Visual Artist born in Germany. He mentioned in the message that he grew up without knowing his father and had never seen him (even in pictures) too. When he came to know about my T2F project, he asked his mother for a short description.

In his words: “I would like to use to generate a face with your T2F code. I know that the result is probably more fictional but I like the poetics of it.” he asked me if I could help him.

Description given by Gabriel’s mother that was used to generate the picture

He mentioned further: “I would like to include it in an exhibition that I will have in Milan next Tuesday” also offering me due credit along with remuneration for the same.

At this point I was astounded by the fact that the project was being used for ART and, that there was a real story behind what we were doing.

I replied “I do not wish to take any remuneration for this, as I have never intended to commercialise / patent any of my works. I believe in holistic development of the society.” and sent him the generated photo along with a few others that were generated by T2F for different random latent vectors.

He and I both agreed on the displayed photo to be the one that most relates with the provided description and he went ahead to use it in his exhibition in Milan.

I really wanted to share this through my blog because it is indeed quite a unique story and really touches the heart. Among all the views regarding a dystopian future caused by Artificial General Intelligence, I believe, this story will definitely cause a few hearts to change. AI is not just a manifestation of Sci-Fi movies anymore. So instead of bewildering, worrying and trying to run away from it, it would be much more productive if we just consider it as a distinct field of science where we could study it in a highly organized and disciplined manner.

I personally have a highly optimistic view regarding the future that we are going to be a part of. It will be a completely utopian world where unlike some of us, the AI doesn’t discriminate between anyone.

Let us be rational and welcoming about the AI revolution that is upon us.

Thank you for reading.

As displayed on his website
Another picture that he sent me