Molly Crabapple, Vice & Buzzfeed Exposed a Syrian War Journalist to Terrorist Reprisals in an Attempt to Discredit The United Nations

This was a politically motivated character assassination timed to coordinate with war propaganda produced by The Syria Campaign and the “Starvation Siege of Madaya” ultimately benefiting Petrofac oil billionaire, Ayman Asfari, intent on presidential coup.


Senior staff at American publishers Vice News and Buzzfeed wilfully exposed a war journalist to potential terrorist reprisals. They de-masked the pen-name of a feminist author who had written scathingly on US foreign policy, white supremacy, ‘Al Qaeda’, and the horrors of conflict. This author, Emma Quangel, was revealed to be a journalist working with refugees in the Syrian region, but one who had chosen a protective pseudonym from which to write most politically. Despite no evidence of hate-speech let alone actual wrong doing, she was smeared as a treasonous militant that loathed Syrian refugees, and those that attacked also demanded she be fired. However, following a prolonged hate campaign targeting Quangel, it was discovered US-aligned media personality, Molly Crabapple along with a network of associates from Vice and Buzzfeed, were not just the beneficiaries of an identity fraud hack, but also heavily implicated in its very construction. (Those implicated include Danny Gold, Idrees Ahmad, Oz Katerji, Hayes Brown, Ben Smith, Charles Davis, Natasha Lennard, and Miriam Elder — in no particularly order or severity.)

At the same time Quangel’s antagonists and harassers also began aiming for the United Nations which is a timing that could not be more fortuitous for Western militants engaged in Syrian conflict. Running parallel had been the much covered “Syrian Starvation Siege of Madaya” which was essentially a narrative launched by Vice on January 4th. This and it’s author, Avi Asher-Schapiro, have since been discredited. This was crass war propaganda to the point where images were exposed as fakes forcing Vice to issue retraction, but worrying Vice executives haven’t disciplined Schapiro for such knowing “incompetence”. Following this story was a remarkable collision of coincidence:

  • January 8th: Quangel is exposed and smeared as a war crime denying United Nations employee allied with the Assad government who should be sacked for endangering refugees.
  • January 10th: Buzzfeed push the smears to an international audience.
  • January 11th: The Syria Campaign (which is a private British company networked with American public relations firm Purpose LLC, and British-Syrian oil company Petrofrac) launch a media attack that would have taken weeks to construct. In this they explicitly smear the United Nations for denying war crimes and being corrupted by the Assad Government.

That there was a plot involving Crabapple, Katerji, Ahmad and Buzzfeed Brown is beyond doubt, but one has to suspend disbelief to avoid seeing a coordination in a wider media war demanding a Syrian coup and destruction. The McCarthyism should be enough to destroy any left-leaning pretensions Crabapple may have contrived since Occupy Wall Street, but it’s now clear this self-described “radical war journalist” is something beyond, posing a real threat to activists, sources and subjects who have politics opposed to US foreign policy. Murkier still, the network has known the full identity of Quangel for over a year, yet triggered the character assassination at precisely the time when The Syrian Campaign needed an aid worker on which to vehicle their accusations against the United Nations. When journalists flirting stories from war-zones start fabricating reality, they cease to be journalists. When they start attacking personnel to further war narratives they implicate themselves as unconscious or conscious intelligence assets.


  1. Character Assassination & Terrorist Reprisal
  2. A Network Unravels
  3. The Syria Campaign, Purpose and Petrofrac
  4. Appendix (supporting evidence, etc)

1. Character Assassination & Terrorist Reprisals

Vice Character Assassination and Smear campaign

To understand the character assassination one must first look at Vice reporting and have a basic knowledge of the recent Syrian conflict:


The Western media hyperventilates over ISIS being a global existential threat that must be stopped, but despite overwhelming technological advantage the US regime (supported by the UK and France) apparently hit an impasse.

Russia overtly joins the war at the end of 2015 with heavy air-strikes and ISIS is apparently smashed into retreat to a point where there were reports of fighters fleeing on “pushbikes and donkeys”.

This apparent success has Western politicos and media pushing ever louder for a “no bombing zone” to stop Russian military action. They believe the Syrian government must fall before tackling ISIS. Ultimately though this would mean an American bombing mandate to enforce the no bombing zone which is as disingenuous as it gets, and considering the Islamic State are without air-force any strategic benefit here is at least ‘nuanced’.


January 4th: On the first work day of the new year Vice News runs the story: Children Are Eating Leaves Off Trees, The Nightmare Siege of Madaya”. The corporate press saturate papers, TV and airtime without any critical or journalistic effort to verify claims. This is important because independents immediately discredited much of the story exposing crass war propaganda. Vice had published provably false imagery of starvation victims and were forced to issue a retraction. The leftmost image wasn’t even correctly sexed: a Lebanese girl was claimed to have starved in Madaya so much she became an Iraqi boy, and her father has since aired his outrage on national TV.

January 7th: Quangel under her pen-name and largely in response, promotes information contradicting the version of reality as endorsed by the White House and specifically the starvation narrative pushed by Vice News. This would include:

  1. A report on Madaya from Lebanese journalist, Rana Harbi, claiming food-aid is deliberately stockpiled away from civilians by ‘rebel’ fighters (including Al Qaeda). Harbi would make reference to The Red Cross who claim starvation shouldn’t be happening.
  2. Quangel would also retweet a BBC news item where a starvation victim yells at a ‘rebel’ fighter: “You’re not hungry, we are!”.
  3. And lastly, Quangel tweets about how “rag-tag gangstas” are in retreat from Russian military action, and others condemning the hypocrisy of a Western media who cheer when their militaries attack ISIS but aggressively condemn Russia for doing the same.

One can actually verify each claim and could have done so on the same day. The Lebanese journalist, Rana Harbi, did indeed correctly assert the Red Cross delivered two months of provisions in October, therefore accounts of people dying last year within that window need further investigation. The Guardian claims food is being “sold by the gram” due to wild inflation, yet how is this even the case considering food-aid shouldn’t have a price at all? Further still, no one is claiming militants are starving, the BBC (perhaps accidentally) reveal civilians angry at ‘rebel’ fighters not going hungry, and ultimately, who has the fire-power to assert any sort of distribution, priced or otherwise? As a coherent narrative Harbi’s account is rational and extremely grounded when compared to the Viced version of reality which tries to by-pass intellect with an emotional blackmail carried by fake images. If history is on their side why should Vice need to fabricate any evidence at all?

January 8th: Vice editor, Molly Crabapple and fellow Vice contributor, Idrees Ahmad, claim to have discovered Quangel’s war journalist identity and start aggressively spreading her personal details across the internet including picture, employment, location and full legal name. They then take the three areas of comment from the previous day and contrive an outrageous smear campaign:

  • Molly Crabapple repeatedly calls Quangel a “United Nations press officer” who denies war crimes, “cheers the bombing of Syrians” and is a threat to refugees.
  • Glaswegian academic, Vice, and freelance writer Idrees Ahmad, calls Quangel a “fascist troll” who writes “apologia for mass murder”.
  • Vice Editor, Danny Gold repeatedly refers to Quangel as a “Stalinist” United Nations employee who “ran cover for massacres, and harassment”.
  • Vice, BBC, and freelance producer, Oz Katerji, calls Quangel a “fascist”, an “abusive troll”, a “pro-genocide UN employee”, “an unashamed Assad supporter” and a “war crimes denier”.
  • Former Vice contributor, Occupy Wall Street thought-leader, and current Intercept/Fusion political writer, Natasha Lennard, would say Quangel showed “mirth for [refugee] suffering”.

None of this was, has been or likely can ever be substantiated. Quangel doesn’t even work for the United Nations but does work with refugees under a different international aid organisation. One has to ask why the network of Vice writers were so eager to contrive a United Nations connection. This is the easiest smear to knock down and with evidence provided by the main accusers. They had Quangel’s Linkedin profile so knew precisely her full employment and even education history. There is no excuse to accidentally implicate the United Nations and such a connection isn’t in itself damning anyway, why bother?

The second main smear is “cheering” the deaths of Syrian refugees. Again this is completely refuted by the evidence Crabapple and others provide. Any “mirth” is clearly aimed at terrorist cells where Quangel literally uses the terms “western contras” and “rag-tag gangstas”. These are obvious, overt references to ISIS or other militants and there is simply no evidence that Quangel cheered the deaths of refugees and civilians.

The third main smear is Quangel being a war crime denying, pro-genocide Assad supporter. Again this is fully refuted using only the evidence the smear campaign provides. There is no evidence that Quangel denies people are starving, she just promoted testimony that contradicts the White House war narrative on Syria and moved blame towards ‘rebel’ fighters. Such testimony included the Red Cross, BBC and a Lebanese reporter that claimed non-government forces are a major contributing factor to the starvation crisis. If the network of Vice writers attack Quangel for endangering refugees then they will need to broaden their “Assadist conspiracy theory” to include various other people and institutions, yet their biggest revelation is a single woman actor with a lefty blog.

There were other smears including Quangel being accused of violent threats and waging a “daily harassment” campaign mainly against Molly Crabapple but also including other Vice journalists. Crabapple would go so far as to claim Quangel was a “bloodthirsty” stalker. All of this was asserted without evidence, so there is little one can do but to dismiss without evidence. (Multiple requests have been made for evidence, each time this was declined.) Despite not beginning to meet the burden of proof in any regard, this smear campaign was aggressively taken to Quangel’s employer and they lobbied for her dismissal. It is unknown whether the McCarthyist campaign to destroy a career has been successful, however that might not matter. When the conspirators exposed Quangel’s political identity they knowingly made her a potential target for violent reprisals so her continued life as an aid worker/war journalist may just be untenable.

Terrorist Reprisals from Brown, White & Blue Supremacy

Regardless of whether one believes the Vice network on what is and is not permissible speech for a war journalist written in their spare time, there are clear ethical considerations when exposing a non-combatant in the middle of a conflict. Again it needs to be reiterated, Quangel’s greatest ‘crime’ was no deed just a handful of disagreeable tweets and condemnation of US foreign policy. No refugees were claimed to have been harmed, about t be harmed, no funds embezzled, no assault, and no victim. The Crab network were so inconsistent that one member, Oz Katerji, has flipped between the hysterical claim of Quangel working in Syria being “unfathomable, shameful, disgusting and quite frankly terrifying”, to calling her an “[unimportant] minor press officer” that lives in Toronto. Which is it? Either way, any threat is purely hypothetical, if not a fantasy, and that’s giving far too much credit to the ‘prosecution’.

Despite no explainable motive or just cause, the network around Vice thought it righteous to de-anonymise an anti-capitalist writer who had heavily condemned US militancy and Syrian terror cells like ISIS whilst she literally had ‘boots on the ground’. If one really did think this “Assad conspiracy of one” was a real threat, the employer could have been contacted and Quangel removed if necessary with little potential for harm. Instead though, the antagonists wanted a very public trial by (social) media and in doing so exposed Quangel to potential violent reprisals. This was all done knowingly.

From the protection of her pen-name, Quangel aimed wrath at terror cells active in the region. She believes (and with good cause) many of the fighters are foreign mercenaries and contra-forces acting out a military campaign that the US couldn’t achieve without public back-lash. Whether one agrees or disagrees, that is not the point. This is her political position and fair political analysis. Therefore when the Vice network (who have a large Syrian following) loudly connected pen-name and aid worker, they also made Quangel a target of potential violence. This is not hypothetical. The United Nations report 79 aid workers have been killed in Syria since 2011. Outside those, a significant number of journalists some foreign, others domestic, have been maliciously prosecuted, assassinated or died in suspicious circumstances. Quangel straddles each vulnerable category, as aid worker, war reporter and anonymous political writer. It is not hyperbole to say the Vice network imposed a deliberate act of terrorism forcing a writer into self-censorship and literally fear violent reprisals. Motivation was at a minimum political and certainly offensive, with full knowledge of this and other potential threatening groups.

Back in 2015 Quangel (as her anonymous self) made international news by co-finding the racist manifesto of white supremacist, Dylan Roof. He carried out a mass shooting of nine black people then attempted to plead insanity, but proving a racial motivation removed such a defence and possibility of a reduced sentence. As a result Quangel became a hate figure on white supremacy blogs like the Daily Stormer who have since refered to her as “an anti-White, open Communist SJW bitch”.

The last group that has obvious designs is the police. It has been long known that people with Left politics get barred from employment, and this is an international phenomenon. Even if no wrong-doing is proven (which it cannot be in this case) just the mere fact of being exposed as an overtly anti-capitalist author can have serious ramifications. There are various potential threats here ranging from worker blacklists, no fly-lists, general spying and police interference. Perhaps Quangel her self would argue a greater severity: Red activists thrown from windows, Assassinations in Greece, and “Red Baiting as the Cliff Approaches” would all be subjects for Quangel’s pseudonymous work.

I have yet to actually get to the most damning revelation, but already people should be extremely alarmed at the behaviour of these so called “war journalists”, especially “the radical” Molly Crabapple, who has built a career flirting with anarcho-socialist movements and rebel politics. Who are these people and what are their real motivations?

2. A Networked Plot Unravels

Buzzfeed Botch, January 10th

Two days after Quangel was publicly exposed and despite glaring evidential failings, the story was pushed to an international audience by Buzzfeed World Editor, Hayes Brown. He essentially reproduced and formalised the smears already detailed in the previous section. It’s worth looking at what other identities Brown has:

  • He worked under the United Nations for a number of years from 2004 onwards. He began coordinating youth debates, moved through dispatch and fact checking, then onto reporting and research as an intern.
  • Brown then had employment in the semi-private sector serving as the Executive Secretariat for several Government and Sector Coordinating Councils, Department of Homeland Security, and Office of Infrastructure Protection in 2012
  • From there he was picked up as editor for Center Of American Progress (which is basically an intelligence and strategy firm created by the Clinton administration). Brown then became Buzzfeed World editor in 2014. (For a short video giving insight to how he sees his role in the world watch this United Nations interview.)

One should already be wondering why such a competent “fact checker” was taken in by such bogus evidence, and further still, no story ever reaches the public without various levels of approval. Buzzfeed chief editor Ben Swift and editor Miriam Elder gave the story a boost, Swift for example would praise the “sleuthing” of Molly Crabapple. However, the smear campaign came crashing to a halt because the attack on Quangel backfired exposing a nefarious plot.

Exhibit A3.2.b Twitter account @m_anyfesto exploited to inject ‘self’-exposing tweets into

When Brown published, he included a document which Crabapple claims to have created after January 7th but is datable to December 28th. This proves a coordinated design existed before they began their smear campaign leveraging statements made by Quangel on January 7th. The network around Crabapple had already decided to expose Quangel before Madaya war crimes was even a media talking point. (For a full exploration of this read Act 3 Scene II.) Murkier still, it was discovered that Crabapple has known who Quangel was for over a year and a half, so unravelling the pretext and the following more complete timeline of relevant events can be presented:


  • July 14th: Sometime around this date Crabapple learns the real identity behind Emma Quangel. Crabapple admits to then having “googled” to find out Quangel’s education and employment history. (This fact doesn’t become known until after the smear campaign is started.)


  • December: After suffering a prolonged hate campaign of politically motivated attacks and threats of exposure, Quangel closes down her internet account on December 26th. Anonymous accounts were created from which she was called a “pretend communist”, “self hating white girl”, and “millionaire trust fund baby”.
  • December 27th: Right-wing blogger, Donald Douglas at American Power, claims an anonymous source emailed in details of both Quangel and her family but doesn’t (at least publicly) act on the information. This would include similar insults as described above.
  • December 28th: Someone impersonates Quangel hacking her website to display incriminating personal details. For the naïve this looks like Quangel has made her real identity public. Molly Crabapple claims to have been watching and taking records of these web-pages 5 hours after they were hacked.
  • January 4th: Vice fabricates evidence of starving Syrians in Madaya.
  • January 7th: After having reactivated her Twitter account January 1st, Quangel issues what could be called an indirect, informal rebuttal (just to summarise).
  • January 8th: The network of writers and publicists around Crabapple attack Quangel for “war crime denialism” and aim also for the United Nations.
  • January 10th: Buzzfeed’s Brown pushes the smear campaign global.

Because Crabapple lied about how and when they acquired evidence, Brown looked the other way, and the timing was so fortuitous, one has to entertain the idea of a coordinated attack with each component being part of the same campaign. A wide range of people on multiple occasions, have demanded the antagonists to account for inconsistency and their dishonesty, but all have gone silent on the issue of fabricated and planted evidence. Therefore one is left to speculate a coherent explanation:

  1. The anonymous abusers that appeared and disappeared which all had variants of Quangel’s real name, where there to torment and pressure self-exposure. They wanted Quangel to perhaps admit who she really was but instead Quangel deleted her Twitter account and ignored them. At least the abusers want Quangel’s real identity public information.
  2. Tactic one had failed so the party contacted a right-wing blog (American Power) hoping they would publish the identity of Emma Quangel, but they didn’t take the bait. (It’s clear that someone was trying to protect themselves by having someone else expose Quangel first. If the end was just exposure then the anonymous accounts could have been overt, spreading Quangel’s personal details across social media.)
  3. Speculating further, the same party then impersonates Quangel to hack her website and inject incriminating tweets which will allow a future plausible deniability to claim Quangel wanted to reveal her true identity as a war journalist working around Syria.
  4. The only people to have leveraged this web hack and identity fraud (which did happen and isn’t speculation) was Molly Crabapple and associates. There are no other candidates and the Vice network have stonewalled when asked to explain inconsistencies, probably because they are completely damning and irrefutable. At the very least Crabapple was there on the 28th planning a dox that was executed on January 8th for speech uttered on January 7th. This is just a fact. Molly Crabapple is a liar, has been revealed a malicious actor and now is utterly discredited. The Vice network formulated a political attack on an ideological rival, but had to fabricate evidence.
  5. Why?

People immediately assumed this was the climax to a personal feud between two authors, and that Crabapple was working from a spiteful vendetta. That’s no doubt true. Quangel has been a harsh critique of Crabapple’s peusdo-radical politics that covered for a pro-war agenda, but that doesn’t explain the attacks on the United Nations, nor the large supporting cast including the Buzzfeed boost on January 10th. These are writers with tenure at Vice, they didn’t need Hayes Brown and it makes no sense they would give a rival publisher the scoop. Thankfully the very next day, January 11th, the campaign attacks would have complete clarity.

3. The Syria Campaign, Purpose and Petrofrac

Attack on the United Nations, January 11th

The day after Buzzfeed smeared Quangel in the international press, The Syria Campaign launched an expensive public relations attack on the United Nations for denying war crimes, being infiltrated, and too close to the Syrian Government. That’s remarkable timing and repetition of the main smears against Quangel. In their own words (dated January 10th):

  • The Syrian government is blocking aid deliveries to 99% of people under siege.​
  • The UN is silencing sieges.
  • The UN’s impartiality is seriously in question.​

So who are The Syria Campaign? They may describe themselves as “an independent advocacy group campaigning for a peaceful and democratic future for Syria”. Ignore the marketing and they are an unaccountable private company situated (at least for legal reasons) in Cambridgeshire, overseen by British chartered accountants, Paul A. Hill & Company. Scratch the surface and you find Syrian Campaign director, James Sadri, is a graduate from Cambridge with a degree in experimental psychology who then worked as senior political researcher for the BBC. All pretence of authenticity disappears analysing the board:

At the very top, Australian turned New Yorker, Jeremy Heimans, is Chief Executive Officer. He is most known for his propaganda work as CEO and founder of American public relations firms, Purpose LLC and, which both exist to pressure governments into adopting favourable positions for Western capital.

Next in line is managing director, Tim Dixon, a former speech-writer and Senior Economic Adviser to the Australian government, but the most significant member is Sawsan Asfari who predictably is married to a British-Syrian oil billionaire. It was through their “charitable foundation” that the Syrian Campaign received initial funding, and as her husband, Ayman Asfari, is Chief Executive of energy company Petrofac, there exists significant conflict of interests.

This multinational was born in Texas then floated to the London Stock Exchange, but has various global operations including contracts under larger companies like British Petroleum and Royal Dutch Shell. Around 1b$ is invested in Syrian projects not too far from Madaya, but other investments exist in Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Latin America and beyond. Asfari himself is militantly opposed to a continued Bashar Al-Assad presidency and supports a Syrian coup. It’s no wonder then the Syria Campaign has the same politics but in common reporting these associations are almost never explored. Quite the contrary, Asfari enjoys British media servility to the point of absurdity (read the subheading and see how long the Telegraph get to the point).

The Asfari’s are also trustees for the Asfari Foundation, along with former financial director of Shell Syria, John Ferguson. This organisation focuses on grooming Lebanese, Syrian and Palestinian students towards neoliberal politics by funding British university placements. In 2012 they partnered with the Wafic Saïd Foundation to set up a fellowship at Oxford University’s Reuters Institute. This gives educational support for aspiring journalists from the Levant region on the strong condition they then return home for work almost like modern day missionaries. Ayman Asfari is even trustee of the American University of Beirut and in general he’s extremely well connected internationally, but moving to explore Wafic Saïd, and we find he brokered the largest arms export deal in British history, generating 43b£ in revenue for BAE Systems from the Saudi government. It’s alleged that 6b£ was embezzled but British police spiked their own investigation due to “matters of national security”.

It’s unknown whether Son of Lebanese migrant, Oz Katerji, and former University of American student, Idrees Ahmad, were beneficiaries of either foundation, but these networks of business interests intersecting with academia and journalism, give good insight to why the greatest arms and oil dealers in the world tend to be fenced with eager intellectual shields. This is the lens of analysis one must use to understand outfits like the Syrian Campaign and the wider Syrian coup. (It’s a repetition of a 50 year old plan.)

Moving back to the “Break the Sieges” propaganda drive, and it’s obvious what it is. In recent years Palestinian activists have made the idea of “siege breaking” an international talking point. In fact that’s their slogan, “Break the Siege of Gaza”, which has supported various flotilla initiatives and other movements countering Israel’s near genocidal conditions imposed on Palestinians. This misappropriation of symbolism is popular of late: France declared war under a bastardised peace sign, and many Nazi or takfiri terror cells have been exploiting the socialist clenched fist, made most famous as the “black power salute” during the 1968 Olympics games.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that righteous struggles are being leveraged, mimicked, and perverted to assert war aggressions in the West’s favour. The Madaya operation was overseen by Brooklyn based Purpose LLC Senior Strategist, Ali Weiner. After being rinsed through Yale, and performing as Commitments Intern under Bill Clinton, she describes her new work as follows:

We have a track record of creating campaigns that combine building and harnessing large, engaged movements of supporters and advocates with sophisticated strategies to change public narratives, amplify media coverage, influence elites, and shift the dial on complex global challenges.

In short, Ali Weiner is a war propagandist 2.0. The domain name was bought on the day of its first use (January 11th), which is unusual because the website which includes video, logos, alleged testimony, and artwork was obviously much longer in the making. One can’t give a precise date using publicly available information, but basing estimates on similar web-projects, construction probably began early to mid December. (This is the same time the hate campaign intensified against Quangel.) Up until January 30th the domain was registered by so she was almost certainly micromanaging the operation. (For whatever reason “who is” registration data has since been changed to a different email, but ownership is still with Weiner.)

Brooklyn and New York in general are also significant, as that’s where this network of coordinating publicists are located: Purpose LLC, Vice News, the artsy enterprise of Molly Crabapple is close by in Manhattan, and so is Buzzfeed. It’s probably no coincidence that they all share location, politics and editorial policy. Crabapple has even produced artwork for The Syria Campaign’s most famous propaganda drive, The White Helmets, so it’s all very incestuous.

I think now we can safely speculate the fifth point, answering why Quangel was targeted as a with a smear campaign and at such a specific time. If a person acts like a McCarthyist, lies, has promoted Syrian-Libyan intervention, has white supremacist friends, destroys the career of a communist, acts as an informer, fabricates evidence, snitches to right-wing extremists, plants evidence on the victim, embeds with the Israeli Defence Force, and gets privileged access to places like Guantánamo Bay, sirens should be blaring. Crabapple ticks each box and one should reconsider her whole role since Occupy Wall Street, and every one from January 8th onwards who keep giving her support. They are at least guilty by association.

Full Disclosure:

The writer was asked to omit all reference of real name and employer but no other editorial concession was taken. Besides, this is all just stitched together from whole tweets. All protagonists — Gold, Molly, Ahmad, Oz Katerji and Hayes Brown, etc— declined multiple opportunities to comment, substantiate and clarify.


  1. Act I: Drawing First Blood
  2. Act II: Doxing For A Friend
  3. Act III: Snitch In Time To Unravel
  4. In Closing


§ 1.1 Madaya report by Lebanese journalist, Rana Harbi:

On 18/10/2015, humanitarian aid/food supplies that last for months were delivered to Madaya following the Foua/Kefraya deal. Madaya is under the control of 600 militants (60% Ahrar Sham, 30% Nusra, 10% FSA). Terrorists groups in Madaya control food distribution, they’ve put food supplies in a warehouse & are using it to blackmail civilians. Terrorist groups are using the people of Madaya (23,000) as human shields, exploiting them (starving them) for political ends.
No one died of starvation in Madaya, as media outlets are claiming [but] many citizens are trying to leave Madaya but the armed groups are forbidding them from doing so. In a deal 300 armed men are to surrender but other armed groups are sabotaging the deal because of an external political decision. When the Zabadani deal happened, injured armed men were unable to leave because Madaya’s armed groups threatened to shell them.
Syrian Red Cross confirmed food supplies (enough for 2 months) entered Madaya in October. Then why were people starving? Ask the “rebels”.
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