Test Tube Baby

Now-a-days Infertility is the major issue. When infertility issue arise the first question comes in mind is what is test tube baby and what is its procedure?

IVF is an advantage for couples who are going through fertility problems. IVF can be done by incorporating an egg and sperm in a laboratory dish and then the grown embryo is reassigned in the uterus. Presently it has become a well-known treatment for couples in who fails to conceive a child and the reason for infertility includes:

issues in fallopian tubes, male component barrenness, ovulation issues in female, genetic disorder or any anonymous reasons. With the assistance of medicines and clinical technique, couples appreciate the experience of becoming parents

Why is India ideal place for test tube baby treatment?

India is one of the few affordable destinations for IVF treatment and is acquiring enormous recognition on test tube baby process and other medical treatments on a global scale.

India has been creating as a main goal for medicinal tourism and is conceivable due to the enhanced restorative innovation, impeccable, or at the end of the day, consummate specialists, highly skilled and qualified Consultants with wide exposure to international systems and protocol, para-medicinal staff and the steady up gradation of specialized knowledge

Patients from different countries prefer visiting India for IVF treatment because of the availability of international standard treatments at a reasonable cost.

Test tube baby process:

During IVF treatment, the patients are prescribed fertility medicines to stimulate the production of eggs. They undergo proper health checkup, to avoid any reactions. Transvaginal ultrasound is performed to inspect the ovaries alongside blood tests to look at the hormonal levels.

The retrieval of egg is finished by involving a minor surgery and it takes about 30 minutes. After surgery, the retrieved eggs are put away in hatchery till insemination.

Once the eggs are retrieved, they are blended with the male sperms and put away in a research facility dish for preparation. A single sperm is infused into the egg to enable the fertilization process. After a hold up period, the embryologist performs check and gets the best and most advantageous developing lives for transplantation.

Last step is the transfer of embryo and this is also the quickest in the test tube baby process. After completing all these steps, waiting time for the pregnancy starts. A single embryo is exchanged first just to avoid any risk of numerous pregnancies and the remaining embryos are kept utilizing in future if required. To check the success rate of the cycle a pregnancy test is performed after 10 days.

The cost of Test Tube Baby in India:

Cost is the major factor that occurs while accumulating data for IVF treatment. The IVF cost in India is much lower in comparison with different countries around the globe. Normally, a couple should spend between Rs 2,10,000 to Rs 2,40,000 ($2200 to 3600) around for the IVF treatment

The treatment cost varies according to the city. It can go high Rs 4,60,000 ($5500) or even be as low as Rs 1, 40,000 ($ 2200) The treatment cost involves extra medicines, utilization of fertility drugs, embryo retrieval and embryo transfer, fetus exchange, egg or sperm donation, embryo freezing.

Success rates for Test Tube Baby in India:

The success rates for IVF in India has turned out to be reliably high.

According to the Society of Assisted Reproductive Technologies (SART) report:

For woman under 34, the success rate is between 40% to 44%

For woman between 34 to 38, the success rate is between 31% to 35%

For woman between 39 to 41, the success is accounted to be between 22% to 26%

For woman 41 and above, the achievement rate comes to around 12% to 17%

Factors responsible to make IVF pregnancy successful:

Things to be done to make IVF treatment successful:

Consulting with the specialist.

Seeking the causes that are causing infertility by getting the female richness and male barrenness tests done.

It is important to check the correct specialists, the reputation of the hospital, strategies for the treatment and so on.

Collecting data to utilize the developed life exchange technique.

Relieving from all the conceivable anxiety and doing exercise.