It’s still not too late

It’s still not too late

Not too late to rise and shine,

To rise and shine from the lowly dust

The lowly dust in which you were lying.

Yes you’ve been reckless

Reckless and now grovelling in the sand,

But even the sand rises with a gush of winds

Then why you can’t?

Isn’t it tough to face the world

With a muddy face and a bending back?

But is it even that hard coming out of the shackles of disgrace?

Those shackles which will break and lime away

Lime away in the shadow of the future.

Yes you will be humiliated

Humiliation that might choke you to death,

But even death will not sheath you unless you give it reasons

Reasons why you want it to embrace you

Embrace you in its arms of eternity.

Though it’s the dusk approaching

Approaching and engulfing all your hopes

Hopes that were already dead and have now perished.

But the dawn is awaited

Wait till your ideas circumambulate around the universe

And inspire every mind whose spirits lied dormant till now.

Realise that your existence isn’t worthless

Let your inner spirits cry aloud

Awake! Awake! Show this world the real you.

Give them the legend they awaited

Which will never get the curse of oblivion; Even when centuries pass by,

Even when mankind revolutionises,

Even when nature gives up its might.

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