Just another option

Someday while going through old albums, she would point out at a picture and ask him, ‘’who is she?’’. After a long pause when he would have gone through those moments. Having relived those memories, the time spent together, the time they thought would last till eternity, he would gather his senses to face her.

A long time had elapsed and now he had finally stopped looking for traces of her everywhere, in every girl he saw, except in the one sitting right next to him at that very moment. He finally struggled to remember tiny details of her, wondering how is it possible for him to not remember those things which he once adored about her. Straining his eyes and his brain to clear that blurred image of hers,which earlier appeared in his mind the moment he closed his eyes.

Now in a bid to remember, he again closed his eyes only to see the image of his partner who was sitting next to him float before him. He opened his eyes, looked at her, took a long, deep breath. Then glancing at the image on the screen and gathering her in his arms, he said-‘Oh! she, she was just an option..just another option’.