Some Useful Tricks Live Forever

Determine the time left before sunset

Keep your fingers together, and reach your hand out so that the sun “lies” on your index finger. Now count the number of fingers to the horizon line. Each of the fingers represents approximately 15 minutes until sunset.

Know the number of days in a month

Make a fist, and start counting the months by knuckles. Each knuckle bump and gap is a separate month. If you count on one hand, then, after reaching the end, start again with the knuckles of the index finger.

If the month is on the knuckle bump, there are 31 days. If it’s on the gap — 30 or less.

Know if the moon is waxing or waning

To teach your child how to determine the moon phase, use the shape of the letters D, O, and C. The full moon is O, the first quarter is D, and the third is C.

Memory trick

To remember Roman numerals, you can use this phrase: Мy Dear Сat Loves Хtra Vitamins Intensely. The first letters of the words represent the Roman numerals in descending order: M (1,000), D (500), C (100), L (50), X (10), V (5), I (1).

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