Khudi and Self Learning

This world is full of good and bad people . If we see the negative side of the people we will see many people around us having negative and bad behaviour with that. Although we have a very few people around us who always think about humanity and others pain and Abdul Sattar Edhi is one of them. He was a true Pakistani, humanist, a philanthropist having pain for humanity . The most favourite thing which I have got in him is that he always served for the sake of humanity without seeing whether people are Muslims , having what caste and creed but a human. My most favourite line which he said that is.

I don’t have any formal education. What use is education when we do not become human beings? My school is the welfare of humanity

Caste, colour and creed differences never bothered him. The only thing which he did was to serve humanity. Another important thing which I have found from his personality is that he was a self learner, not depending upon others he always did everything by own. He just took a start to serve humanity by few paisas which his mother gave him.he spent many nights thinking for his existence in this world. He had no resources but the only thing he had was self reliance . He had a full trust on himself and also had a strong believe in Allah which helped him to fulfil his dreams to serve humanity . He just believed to follow the principle of Kam, Kam and Kam.

Knowing yourself is something identifying your strengths, goals, passions and skills. As Eidhi knew about his passions though he didn’t take formal education but he said that:

I hate failure and knew that success was synonymous with effort, by which rule I believed I could win

I can relate this quote of him with my personal life. I was college going student when my mother transferred to another city and she had to moved on because of her profession. I was the eldest one in my siblings so I had to take all the household responsibilities too as well as to continue my study by doing house job. I even didn’t know how to cook a simple thing. I tried my best to do all the work as well as my study too. Meanwhile I got severe ill having typhoid and admitted in hospital. After getting my condition stable I came back to home having too much internal weakness. I never let my efforts down and didn’t give up. At the end I got the fruit of my efforts in a result of that I had got very good grades and now I can easily take household too :p . As Steve Job said that

The only work to do great work is to love what you do
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