Sustain Weekly — Karma & Crops: As You Sow So Shall You Reap

“Man serves the interests of no creature except himself” — George Orwell

Ok, women too. It’s going to be a short one this week. Maybe even sweet. At least carrot level. Last week, I wrote mostly on positivity and the need to pause and reflect. Then during the week, I read an article on Monsanto, going through a tough time in India because of price capping and another article on 6 tiny robots pulling a car. Both are relevant for one industry. Farming

There are now different types of it: vertical farming, underground farming, fully automated farms, and urban farms among others. This is a trend that is increasingly prevalent in the urban environments. In fact, millennials have a compulsive feeling of trying their hand at farming.

Quite a few of IT workforce have started small suburban farms creating organic produce. Meanwhile, a lot of farmers have sold their farm lands and have landing up in metros for work. Their kids have taken up or want different job that doesn’t entail the heavy labor/less money situation that is plaguing farming.

The people interested in this field want to do it because it is honorable. To grow your own food and make enough for the community to share and interact is a lifestyle choice that many will get and yet many won’t.

But there are other alternatives if you want to continue your day job. Look to Japan for learning new skills in farming. Robotic farms have emerged to compensate for their rapidly ageing population and an inherent lack of successors.

You can consider taking on an agrarian lifestyle and just do it at home as a hobby. Maybe even grow your Blueberries or carrots, probbably not the heavily machined ones like these.

The best way to start a home farm is to start with good seeds, non-GMO. For eg: Tomatoes are an easy option.

Maybe you can grow enough to make Pizza. You can even grow a pineapple from its crown. Just don’t add it to the Pizza.But there are multiple elements to farming and some key companies that we need to be aware of. The first one being Monsanto. So, the next weekly will include a section on first company you need to know before you take on this. If you are an aspiring farmer (including rooftops or gardens) — email me. I know a few people who are also equally enthusiastic in growing their own produce or some of it. If you need inspiration to work hard or cook, watch this video of noodle making by hand.

Some other things you can read from last week.

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