Life itself is a risk.

It might not seem like I have seen the world with the most wise eyes. But believe me, I might be only a 19 year old kid, but life hasn’t been a smooth road for me, or at least a little portion of it.

Most of my childhood has been smooth sailing. I was a bright kid getting good grades inn school and having good repo with teachers and family alike. I was destined to be a doctor, the priests would say. And everybody thought so too. My parents were sure to make that happen. Everybody I knew wanted me to be a medical professional. And I believed it too.

But things started to change when I got to my last year in school. I was loosing interest in the medical subjects and gaining attraction towards another. It started out as a hobby, more like a life skill training which I got to learn from my mom. But slowly I started dwelling into the possibility of making it into a career. I told my parents about it and got mixed reactions.

And that hobby turned ambition was cooking.

And a year later I found myself in uncharted territory. Entering through the gates of a culinary school. Now, for me it was uncharted territory. I never got beyond cooking than to cook a lunch. I did not even know what celery looked like or what poaching was. I was as sceptical as my family. Will it work, “will I be successful life or is it the worst decision in life?” This was a risk even I didn’t know if I was capable of taking.

Another accident that happened to me was a year ago when I was diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosa. In the end of it, I had given my body to my mind and my soul to the dead. But now I have recovered and am enjoying life and food to the fullest.

Now after 3 years of taking the big decision. I find myself looking for a job. Having failed 7 job interviews I still look back to the day I took that decision to go for a culinary school. I might not end up with a job. But I can say for the least that I am more happy now that I would have been if I went to a medical college.

So the point is that life itself is a risk, do not be afraid of taking bold decisions because life is what you make of it.