I guess, we all agree on the fact that, if there is any part of our life, which we hates the most, it has to be the time when our life is undergoing a “change”.

It can be something as simple as, choosing a new toothpaste or meeting a new people to shifting a new apartment, or finding a new job. Be, it a “good change” or “bad change”, we always hate it, when our life pattern ends up breaking, and when our scheduled life takes a detour.

We get so effected by the term “change”, that, today if I say, you will have find a new toothpaste, even in your thoughts you will think 100 times, and end up asking why do I even have to change!

Obviously, a toothpaste won’t likely to cause a headache for the entire day, but, something more serious, can end up spoiling our entire day or even week!

So, what is it with the “change” that, we hate it so much. Well, it boils down to two facts :

Comfort Zone

With our daily scheduled life, we have tend to create a comfort zone around it, the mundane stuffs which we do, the familiarity which we have developed for any given situation. However, whenever a change is to occur, our brain has to create the comfort zone, familiarity all over again, which tends to a tedious job. But not an impossible job, however, what makes the change even more hateful is :


It is the most crucial factor, which causes the hate against a “change”. Be it, finding a new toothpaste, a new apartment, a new job, a new room-mate. The fear that our trust might break, the fear that we might end up having a bad experience in our life, is the thing we hate the most. If I am wrong, then ask yourself the first question which is in your mind, when I ask to change the toothpaste!

It got to be whether it will be good or not?

How can we possibly evaluate an experience without putting ourselves in the situation? How can we possibly say whether XYZ is a bad person without interacting with them, of course saying that it doesn’t mean that we intentionally put our hand blindly in the fire. The trust wall which we have created around us, is the one of the most important reason for a “change” to less approachable.

We need to have a neutral mind, no matter how comfortable our life seems to be. Because nothing in life last forever, today, the day might seem to be beautiful, and the next moment it might be cloudy, but if, our approach is neutral, if our mind is open towards change, we can easily, welcome, the change and, always end up learning more.

Because, we are having a neutral approach to a situation, we can learn the positive things it has to offer. We also can end up either expanding our trust wall, or we end up creating a more solid trust wall, which can withstand more firing than in present moment. We also end up gaining a new experiences for new situations in our life. And that is what makes a human more wise than others.

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