My elder sister, my mother ❤

Having an elder sister in your life, is like having a friend but in the disguise of a mother in your life.

I feel lucky enough to have two mothers in my life, the one who gave me birth in this world, and the second who gave meaning to my life.

My elder sister, has treated me like her son while we both lived in a new city together.

The love, which she showered was nothing less than of a mother’s,

The way she took care of my small little things, only a mother could do.

The tenderness in her strict voice, can only be found in a mother’s voice.

The times when she protects you, no matter how big the problem be, can be done by a mother.

The time when no matter how old you get, you will always be her baby (brother), can only be a mother’s vision.

The tears in her eyes for the pain I went through, can only be seen in a mother.

Saying lucky is not enough because these few lines aren’t enough to describe, how blessed I am to have such a great and awesome elder sister, and these words can certainly be never enough to express the love which I have for my elder sister.

To my sister, Aakanksha, Thank you for your love 💚💛