Stop burning your creative forest.

I recently read a thread by J.K Rowling on twitter. The thread is nothing short of a gem!!

The thread fills you with an energy, a belief that the reward for whatever we do in our life, truly lies in finishing what we started.

This leads me to the thought that how many of us have left things unfinished just because we seek validation from others. So, many things have not even started just because we seek validation from others.

What other’s think about our creation, should always be secondary, because only we know the purpose of starting something, only we can imagine the ideas behind starting something, run like wild boar in the forest of our creativity.

Because the day we go on to seek validation about what we do, is the day, we start showing distrust in ourselves and deviate from the true purpose of starting something. We start to cut the forest of our creativity, until a day comes when the creativity burns in the fire of expectation, acceptance, competition and so called failures.

Every time you are asking, “What do you think about it?” You are giving the person an opportunity to stab the “reason why you started” with the failures/insecurities/jealousy/envy/expectations of the person, because every negative word, is deviating you from your purpose.

Not everything you do has to be evaluated in terms of money, the success, the appreciation and acceptance by the society.

A task is successful, if you take pride, acknowledge the fact that you finished something which was started, and you completed it because you wanted to do it! “Major or minor” success is all relative.

For a big entrepreneur, coming out of the bed can certainly not be a “Major” successful accomplishment, but for a person suffering from depression, just coming out of the bed is a “Major” accomplishment. But, if that person goes on to seek validation from others that “is it worth being called an accomplishment?”, the person has already setup a trap to go back to the bed again!

When we seek validation from others, it is this relativity, which kills the joy, deviates your vision from the purpose, when you finish a task.

Because it is no longer your dream, or what you want, but what that person wants!

Now, saying this, don’t confuse my words with expanding your ideas, which involves sharing and discussing your ideas with other persons, because it is altogether a different ball game, than seeking validation.

Expansion of our ideas, requires strong positive mindset. A mindset where you thrive :

to learn more
to respect our effort
to become stronger
to give back more
to first inspire yourself, then others
to accept your limitations
to expand your limitations into your strength

So that you can give the best possible result, than sabotaging your ideas by your own thoughts. Expansion of ideas starts from ourselves, because we believe in the power of our ideas, and not others belief in our ideas.

So, stop seeking validation from others, whether is it worth doing or not, or will it be fruitful. Do what you want to, because only you know why you started!!

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