Why teaching is the best way to learn!

Back when I was in my college , I used to find myself in situations where I was deeply engrossed in what I was learning, if any new code came up I used to dig in as much as I could, and made stuff from CSS during my spare time.

However, as soon I entered my job life, I found myself in a weird situation, I was suddenly the guy who was stuck with his work stuff, and could not ever find time for expanding my knowledge in Javascript (A programming language) or any other possible technologies.

So, one fine day, one of my friend who has been in touch with Javascript for quite sometime, started looking for a job, and in one of the interview, he got a feedback that he was not updated with technologies!! I started to ponder upon it and quickly realised the same is applicable for me!! I was probably in a worse situation: didn’t know Javascript properly, and the irony was that I work as Full stack Javascript developer!!

So, I started to learn, I started to follow awesome developer around the world, and a new kind of world was starting to unveil in front of me, a world where, there was so much to absorb, and it was the Javascript community!! People were so generous and kind about sharing knowledge, one is only bound to learn more and give something to back!!

I was learning, but I often found myself aspiring to be one of them, to have that knowledge, which can help me grow as a person, and also give me an opportunity to give back something to the Javascript community, and I could not understand how..

After a lot of inspiration from “Kent C. Dodds” through his videos, talks about open source, I took the step of writing a Github repo, “Js essentials” which was mainly on all the materials which one can find regarding Javascript, and since I was learning ES2015, I thought “Why not teach ES2015!”. Even, though there are tons of articles, books, who do 10x better job than me, I took the step of the teaching!!

And I can say this was a step I could never regret!

I quickly found myself in a situation where I wanted to dive deep into things, and I could clearly see the difference between the time when I was just learning for the sake of learning, and now, when learning to teach something!! Often I used to start learning a topic, and then a subtopic or a chain of much larger topics, which were so deeply interlinked started to unveil and learning became so refreshing!!

Through teaching you get a sense of desire to learn more, and a sense of responsibility to put out the best content out their!! You start preparing yourself mentally for the questions which might arise if a person reads the article, which forces you to dive deeper into things, which you would have never done (out of laziness)!! Teaching acted as a motive to push yourself to learn more, which I found missing when you just learn!!

I am not even entitled to be called a teacher, and I don’t want to be teacher either, but just by writing a content about what you have learnt makes you realize things which you have missed out, and their is so much more to learn!!

So, if you really want to learn anything, no matter what be it, just try to write an article in your word document, as if a novice or a person new to the subject will read, trust me you will feel refreshed and realise there is so much more to learn!

Need more motivation? Watch this awesome video!

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