Monday Night RAW started with Miz and Maryse to act like John Cena and Nikki Bella again which confirmed after the confusing start of SuperstarShakeUp in Monday Night RAW. As predicted they drafted in RAW but later they confront by non other than Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose !! He’s announced as a latest member of Monday Night RAW, ok gotcha but what about current feud against Baron Corbin who will complete that ?

Most shocking pick is Bray Wyatt, when it looks like tat he’s now ready to Main Event for the blue brand in any big occasion he drafted…

Last Monday, Chairman of WWE Vince McMahon announced a Shake-up in WWE Rosters of both RAW and Smackdown Live, I was expecting this and even WWE was feeling its necessity so rather then waiting for another 2–3 months for annual draft they come up with “Superstars Shake-up”. But problem is that what would be the outcome of it ? WWE RAW Exclusive PPV Payback is 3 weeks away, new NXT superstars are just debut in Main Rosters, few are out of the context and some story lines are quite weak which need some time to shape up. …

Anirudha Das 🤠

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