My Take on #SuperstarShakeUp and another prediction for #SDLive

Monday Night RAW started with Miz and Maryse to act like John Cena and Nikki Bella again which confirmed after the confusing start of SuperstarShakeUp in Monday Night RAW. As predicted they drafted in RAW but later they confront by non other than Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose !! He’s announced as a latest member of Monday Night RAW, ok gotcha but what about current feud against Baron Corbin who will complete that ?

Most shocking pick is Bray Wyatt, when it looks like tat he’s now ready to Main Event for the blue brand in any big occasion he drafted back to RAW !! Now Bray Wyatt will have the opportunity to challenge Randy Orton for the WWE Championship but tat is in RAW Exclusive PPV Payback and its look like WWE just hiding their face from letting WWE Championship match in RAW’s PPV since part timer Brock Lesnar won’t be there to defend RAW’s Brand Title. This match has obvious outcome on the cost of Bray Wyatt who’s hanging there from years now holding nothing.

Since Mickey James and Alexa Bliss moved to RAW it looks like they filled some empty space of RAW’s diva division now with possible departure of Charlotte for SD Live who lost her Match against Nia Jax quite easily despite of expected big feud between them. At Tag Team Division I thought American Alpha to be drafted in RAW to bring some excitement in Tag Team Division and could make a great career but WWE saved the roof for “Revivals” and drafted in Rhyno and Heath Slater who’re not appearing in a match together from Months indicated their differences between each other on camera and Slater even tweeted tat he will miss Rhyno if both splits. Now what we can expect in RAW “2MB with Gore” ? (Jinder Mahal and Heath Slater are a former partner)

I still believe tat Big Cass and Karmela could be united if he and his partner Enzo Amore drafted for SD Live if not Karmela drafted in RAW, this off screen couple can now be utilized for next season of “Total Divas” too. Kalisto moved to RAW and I am not sure how he will be utilize so does Apollo Crews who just appear in initial few matches of SD Live with very boring entrance song and feuded briefly with Miz, Dolph Ziggler and Baron Corbin due to Kalisto. RAW also added Elias Samson from NXT as a new entrant and Curt Hawkins from SD Live for ………

RAW now has 2 mid carder belts and SD Live left with only big title WWE Championship and if Kevin Owens does not moved to Smackdown then as per rumors entire Cruiserweight Division will moved to SD Live since already the’re appearing in post Smackdown for 205 Live and this will help WWE to promote 205 Live more if their superstars start appearing in Main Show itself and have some matches, this will engage the crowd as well and superstars will remain exclusive for Tuesday Nights. Similarly to end the empty space of Mid carder in Smackdown, they can introduce United Kingdom Championship in the Blue Brand which can help them to promote near possibility of local contents for United Kingdom.

Now whatever WWE did is only to save their “A” Show and suddenly spoiled their “B” show which was in top from Months now due to its excellent story lines. Now after Bray Wyatt moved to RAW what will be the role of Eric Rowan now who just returned last week with a massive size teamed up with Bray Wyatt in a loosing effort. Also does Braun Strowman remains to be a individual guy who just flipped the massive Ambulance or start living in a dark with his former master Bray Wyatt ?

After Superstar Shakeup it looks like that they just over shaken things to create a mess in many ways. WWE still has a opportunity to move Anderson and Gallows to SD Live to united “The Club”, although JBL and Byron Saxton is already united now in Smackdown’s desk and tonight’s show will clarify more about the fate of SD Live.

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