Deliberate Practice: UX Writing

An essential part of any digital product experience is how the words are used as part of the user experience.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Unfortunately, it is not given much importance.

UX is not just how things work, how things look, it’s also about the writing/copy which can either enhance or make the experience terrible for the user.

Writing well keeping the end user in mind is a must-have skill as a UX Designer. As a UX Researcher, if I don’t put myself in the shoes of the user who will invariably have to read a lot of text, I will not know if any text is bothering or whether its helping (when he/she is stuck) or adding delight.

With that in mind, I am going to focus on learning about UX Writing deliberately.

Came across the below site —

It may not be 14 days in absolute terms as I may not do it every day, but it does help to get one new writing challenge every day in my Inbox.

The good part is that each day they share a scenario around which the UX Writing needs to be done after all even the user will be in some context when he/she encounters any words as part of the product experience.

In some emails, they also share resources to help us understand and write.

Overall seems like a good way to get started.

Will share each Day’s challenge and my solution to it.