No matter how difficult, I will always prevail

The world needs an entrepreneur. Who do you think will fit in? Who would you summon to take a new venture to glory? What are the qualities that 'the guy' should have?

I would choose Jack Sparrow — sorry, Captain Jack Sparrow — over anyone else. Yes, the pirate of the Caribbean.

Of all the choices in this world, why him? There are 101 (Intentional binary pun) reasons why.

1. Equanimity

Jack Sparrow is the epitome of calmness. Throw him under the guillotine, imprison him or sentence him to death-by-hanging, this guy doesn’t care. For when it comes to the gravest of the situations it is the calmest of all who rises above.

Likewise, the entrepreneurs have to be composed to handle the reality thrown at them. The real-world problems that the initial stages of their start-ups are going to throw at them would require enormous equanimity to solve. Panic will pull them to darkness more quickly than a black hole.

2. Confidence

“The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem.”

Positivity​ in Jack Sparrow is too damn high that he induces negative charges on neighbouring surfaces.

Roaring storms, ruthless oceans, and fierce enemies — nothing can bring him down, for he never ever gives up. Having faith in oneself is something that Jack taught us. Whatever be the situation, he is always ready to face it because he does not believe in Poseidon, the god of Seas but in himself.

The world is not going to make way for you to rise. Why should it? There is only one way out of this. Which is, to make a way for yourself. Self-confidence is a trait that every entrepreneur, with no exception, certainly has. Because, if you don’t believe in yourself when you set sails for a new journey, who would embark with you on your new adventure?

3. Wit

“Why fight, when you can negotiate?”

Using your brains can come in handy every single time. The brains are certainly not for decoration. Jack Sparrow, should be unarguably the best in using his wits to win battles. You don’t have to fight your way out of problems always. You can also wit your way out of it.

Most start-ups don’t make it big because they start working the hard way. Whenever you can work smart, you must. It saves time, energy and money. And to an entrepreneur, none of them is abundantly available.

4. Multi-talented

Jack Sparrow, as you see, has a wide range of skills. His skillset is the most versatile. He can fight, cruise, navigate, negotiate and what not. As we take a closer look at him, we realise it is not his expertise in a particular talent that saves him but it is his versatility.

Isn’t it too obvious that an aspiring entrepreneur should be multi-talented? As an entrepreneur, it is not feasible on your part to expect division of labour. Initial phases of a start-up will demand the entrepreneur to contribute in more than one field. He has to look after the technology, finance, advertising and so on.

5. Team Player

Jack Sparrow, is not The Lone Ranger. Although he has been the lone warrior in a few battles, he has never won a war all by himself. The way he delegates duties among his crew awes me.

This should undoubtedly be a key trait of an entrepreneur. Being open to new ideas and suggestions will help the start-up grow faster. Adaptability to the external and internal environment is an indispensable attribute for success in founding a new startup.

So, to be a successful entrepreneur, you don’t have to be extraordinary. You just have to be Jack Sparrow, Captain Jack Sparrow. These very simple characteristics of him, which are often overlooked due to his extensive sense of humour, is what that runs in the veins of those who make cover stories of Entrepreneur, Inc., Forbes and many more.

Set sail to let your spirit live on. Savvy?