3 compelling reasons to start watching TV Shows

Folks most of us grew up in a time when the adults and schools called a television “AN IDIOT BOX”. They regarded the content shown in TV shows as fiction, misleading or sometimes even offensive. I don’t disagree with them because at that time the context of gaining wisdom by watching TV shows would be thought preposterous.

I do agree schools teach us things that we didn’t know and probably would be needing in future. Yet, I feel the knowledge gained in a school are like an ideal hypothesis in a science experiment. The numbers check out theoretically and we should end up getting the right outcome. But, when the experiment is conducted the practical outcome is completely different from what we had imagined. Nowadays, individuals need to gain additional knowledge to grow and TV shows are trying to dramatize that knowledge.

Today’s TV shows are more than just entertainment. What I mean is, today’s TV shows are more about cognizance and opt to show us the nearest reality. I have watched more than 100 shows and want to highlight 3 strong and compelling reasons to watch TV shows:

1. Unveils some untold dynamics of the world

We all supposedly live in our own bubbles and assume that the world functions as per our bubble. I have seen a lot of back-benchers grow beyond the school toppers and trust me that is not a fluke. In a school, a good boy/girl becomes class in charge and always gets a candy for honesty. Unfortunately, the world is competitive, the good and the honest ones end up suffering the most. A good person would always assume that all the people around are good. Well, we all know the kind of disaster that could lead to. There are tons of TV shows which skilfully knit the reality of the world with convincing plots. In due course of time the plots and characters mature. They end up showing us harsh truths to which we would have never opened our eyes to.

Serious political drama shows such as “House of Cards” and “Scandal”, show a backdoor peek inside the reality of politics. These shows have some famous faces starring in the lead such as Kevin Spacey (House of Cards), Kerry Washington (Scandal) and so on. Once you start watching you would feel it is exaggerated, well, some of it is exaggerated, yet, most of it isn’t. Here is a clip of Kevin Spacey interview on how exaggerated is “House of Cards” politics.

2. Helps slice individual’s experience and exposure curve

I may have not seen the world as much as the elder folks, but I am sure that one does not become big by just being good at their job. Schools and colleges teach us academic knowledge but, they don’t teach us the practical stuff. A school does not teach us how to negotiate or how to manage crises. Instead, we are taught that such things come with experience. Well, I don’t deny the significance of experience, but it is smart to use TV shows as a catalyst to increase the pace.

There are an array of channels which airs’ shows on probably every topic under the sun and moon. Trust me, there is at least one TV show telling a story about your domain of interest or a related domain. Don Cheadle plays a character of a management consultant in “House of Lies” and Damian Lewis plays a billionaire hedgie in “Billions”. These stories subtly illustrates the dynamics of the Consulting Industry and the Hedge Fund Industry. Knowing about these subtleties definitely gives an edge over others. I do recognize that they are just stories but we also know fiction is born out of reality, Hunter S. Thompson said.

Source: Quotefancy

3. Get fired up!

We all want to become big but we don’t know what it takes to become big. We don’t know how to be constantly self-motivated and what it means to go beyond oneself. As Zig Ziggler said:

Source: Leadership Quote

We are taught to give reasons, why people are better than us rather what are the doctrines for us to become the best. Also, we have personally never seen a journey of an individual becoming somebody important from nobody. Hence, we are never able to relate and become sitting ducks waiting for someone else to give us a direction.

There are long running anime shows such as “Naruto” and “One Piece” which can change our perspective on motivation. These animes have garnered fame and fan following like no other TV show. The determination to work hard and understand that there are no shortcuts to achieving dreams is always an eye opener. These animes showcase the will of individuals to go against the norms and grasp what they think is rightfully theirs to have.

I would suggest to rather watch such shows which might change your life rather than wasting your time and effort in yapping about others. I am pretty sure that there are a ton of different reasons that would have triggered you to watch TV shows. Please feel free to write your stories in comments.