The art of crowdsourcing for change makers.

Crowdsourcing is a process in which a lot of legit information can be gathered from numerous sources ,this efficient method can be used in almost everything,any problem or to reach any goal. That’s because a lot of people pool in their best solutions, and we get to choose the best from the best. This method is now applied in making donations take place on a larger and more efficient scale. Giveaway is a great example for this process. What they do is ask multiple donors to pool in their resources and make sure these resources reach wherever it’s required. By doing this they have managed to feed to atleast 1000 people on a daily basis. Giveaway acts as a bridge that connects donors and beneficiaries. And during the flood times in Chennai, through their crowdfunding campaign they managed to raise 22lakhs in a matter of 7 days and not just that, they also managed to feed 5000 families, who lost their shelter to the floods, with about 200 tonnes of food supplies worth almost 5crores. Today giveaway connects donors and beneficiaries not only on a local scale but on a global scale. It goes without saying that they have made the most out of crowdsourcing, their aim is to make sure that they connect with every house/orphanage/cause, who couldn’t voice out their needs to help get what they need through this crowdsourcing platform. No one can disagree with the part that there’s no donating without a donor, But even if people were willing to donate there aren’t many efficient and trustworthy mediums to donate and there’s no way of knowing if the donations reach its intended recipients. Giveaway aims to overcome all these hurdles and have been successful so far and what more they don’t even charge the donors or the Beneficiaries their services. If donors are the Changemakers, then Giveaway can be described as the bridge that connects these change makers to the rest of the world bring about the change required to make this world a better place, and they are on the right path to doing this.