Who did South Asians vote for in 2016?

Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi Americans ♥ Clinton

The National Asian American Survey released the results of the most comprehensive survey of Asian American voting patterns in May 2017

  • 77% of Indian Americans voted Clinton, and 16% voted Trump
  • 88% of Pakistani Americans voted Clinton, and 5% voted Trump
  • 90% of Bangladeshi Americans voted Clinton, and 4% voted Trump
From the 2016 Post-Election National Asian American Survey

According to the NAAS, this is based on telephone interviews of 504 Indian Americans, 320 Pakistani Americans, and 320 Pakistani Americans, and the data has been weighted by ethnicity and gender, age, state of residence, education, and nativity.

See the full details in the 2016 Post-ELection National Asian American Survey (PDF)