A wish

Do you (ever) have a wish that will lead you to make another wish?

I do.

I tend to make a wish because I already have a plan about my future. I create the best possibility to reach my own happines by getting what I want.

So, one night on January 2013, I was sitting at the rooftop looking for some constellations up in the sky, and I made a wish that lead to another wish, and again, a wish to another wish. It’s kind a complicated wish and then I closed my eyes, pray for a shooting star.

And it all happened.

The constellations were falling down. The stars were about attacking our earth and make a great disaster. I found a big hole with the burning stone everywhere. Earth become red. Ocean was like a boiling huge water. And they keep falling like a rain, like a giant bullet with a blue fire and a strong light.

All died.

It’s just a wish made by an ordinary greedy human. Imagine what dangerous it is.

I opened my eyes, and stop wishing.