The Playlist for my life

Sometimes you have to make the playlist that will be the soundtrack to your life

I have an incurable addiction to music and more than that — an infatuation with creating perfect playlists. I have a playlist for anything and everything, you name it and I probably have a playlist for it. I’m particularly fond of creating playlists for projects I’m working on.

I use Spotify as my platform of choice of streaming music — I get it Spotify is great at what they do. They usually match your taste with what you search for or listen to, and the end result is a perfectly packaged playlist like your ‘daily mix’ or ‘discover weekly’. Most of the time I’m happy to say Spotify knows me or at least the algorithm knows me, and I’m always flawlessly matched with music that fits.

However, I like to think I’m better. Yes, I said it, Spotify, I’ve crowned myself the playlist queen. Not only have I discovered new artists to add to my playlists, I found ones which have less than 1000 plays. WHAT? I’m an actual geek when it comes to discovering music. I become terribly hipster about the whole affair. I like discovering artists before anyone knows who they are…ahem like Sia when she used to feature in Zero 7’s stuff or M83 before the meme music.

I feel terribly satisfied outsmarting Spotify at knowing what kind of music I like, hence the reason why I make my own playlists. My playlists vary from workout songs, to chill 90s — early 00s jams I listen to while flipping through a magazine. Some of my favourites playlists are my writing ones.

These playlists don’t always particularly contain songs that induce inspiration, I’m not out here listening to Single Ladies after a breakup. It’s more of a feeling I get when I create them and then listen to it. Music has always evoked feelings and memories to me, I can listen to Skater Boi by Avril Lavigne and distinctively remember going on holiday at 11 years old to Champagne in France and religiously playing Avril Lavigne. Or when I listen to Airlock’s first album it brings me back to my train journey to Uni.

What I love about my playlists are the memories I make with them — I can’t even listen to my ‘A Song of ice and fire’ playlist anymore without wanting to cry for my dead faves. It reminds me of how powerful music is and how fortunate I am that I’m able to hear it.

Making a playlist is very therapeutic and I’d highly suggest instead of creating one that’s supposed to inspire you or force you to workout, create one that resonates with you. Maybe, I’m going too deep, but believe me, when I say it — playlists save my life every day. I feel calm as I collect my thoughts when writing to my writer’s playlist, I get in my cleaning mode when I put on my cleaning playlist and I even created a new playlist for a screenplay I’m currently writing where each song I can visually set up a scenario.

My Top 5 suggestions when creating a playlist

1.Just like Spotify has playlists for moods, try to make a playlist that also creates a mood. ie rainy days in? 
2. Always browse similar artists, you never know which gem you can uncover. 
3. Don’t make your playlists really long, unless you’re planning on climbing Mount Everest, and need a soundtrack to get you there and back — try to keep your playlists to about 20–50 songs long. 
4. Name your playlists creatively — unlike calling my playlists by what they are I give them actually names. For instance, my chill out playlist is called Glass of wine, I mean hello glass of wine and chilling out goes hand in hand!
5. Delete songs you always skip. If I skip over a song more than once in my playlist its sign it’s not supposed to be there.

Happy Playlisting!