This is my first post in medium

I wanna talk about something that not really important but it really makes my day. There are about gratitude. The things that I found happiness within. The only important matter in this very first trial is: I push my self to ALWAYS writing in english. I don’t expect too much, this article might be read by a hundred people or just by me. I just want to jump anyway from my self barrier. Like wise man said,

you always get what you always do. If you want something better in your life, try to do something different.

I make promise to myself today. Whatever it is, I must writing in english at least once a week.

These are my list of unimportant things that really make my day:

  1. My kittens Ming and Mong
  2. When I don’t sleep after subuh
  3. A cup of hot lemon water
  4. My old friends chat me first
  5. Watching sunrise or sunset
  6. Ideas that suddenly pop out in my brain
  7. Eat healthy food for lunch (something like vegetables and fruits)
  8. Read some good article from Medium
  9. Likes for photos in my instagram account
  10. Listen to new instrumental music.
  11. I get sweating
  12. I can make someone laugh though it really difficult task for me.

The list will always grow. I will update it when I find another stuff as my mood booster.