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Commit to your creative work and consistency will feel effortless.

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You’ve decided to start writing. You’ve outlined, planned, and prepared all that you can, but you’re still afraid that you’ll run out of ideas eventually. The fear sets in, and you start contemplating the “what ifs” far more than you write, and you wonder whether any of this is normal.

It certainly is. There was a time I let my anxiety and fear stand in the way of my progress, of giving into my full potential as a writer, and it made me feel like nothing I’d ever do would ever be good enough.

Writing has its ups and downs. There are days where you’re going to be anticipating the moment you get to sit down and delve into another story, and there will be others where you dread it. For such a long time, I believed that writing had to feel good every time to be worthwhile. …


Your writer’s voice is a reflection of you, and by improving it over time you will reach a much broader audience

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Finding your narrative style is crucial to your development as a writer. How you communicate with your readers and construct your plot through your protagonist’s descriptive tellings can change how your readers feel about what they’re engaging with.

If you’ve read multiple books by the same author, you’re probably able to tell that there are specific quirks, phrases, or passages that have similar sensations. Pay attention to how your writing sounds, and you might find that there are similar patterns in your work.

Your narrative style can undoubtedly change over time, developing to become something entirely different as you continue to write. Improving doesn’t mean stripping away the character and stylistic choices that make you the writer you are, but instead giving them much more room to shine. …

As She Writes

This is why you need to slow down.

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When was the last time you took real time to yourself? Are you swept up in the energetic allure of a busy life, or have you figured out how to implement balance?

You ask people in your life if they honestly enjoy the long hours, the constant need for a stimulated mind, and a lot of them will tell you that they do. Though, I’m not one of those people. I can’t comprehend being busy all of the time because when I do, I quickly burn out.

The longer I force my creativity to cooperate, the more it weakens, and the harder it is to produce excellent writing. I go through these periods of increased productivity only to find myself feeling like I’m pulling my hair out with every task on my growing to-do list. …

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