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Today I am going to say about the Cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is fully based on blockchain medium by decentralized manner. Now a days people are interested in investing money to get benefit in future. One of the best Cryptocurrency in now a days is called as Prime-Ex Perpetual.

Overview of Prime-Ex

The PEX token are created event to sell the real estate. It changes the way of fundamental functions in which the residential real estate is developed. The Prime-Ex is also fully based on cryptocurrency blockchain. It brings an nice solution for real estate industry in the today’s revolutionary world. It is the pioneer in the real estate.

The Prime-Ex enables to creates an environment that every participant in this prime-ex can win while selling and buying new property.

PEX token value

The value of PEX token fixed at 1PEX token =1US Dollar which can paid by Bitcoin, Ethereum, Waves tokens, USD , Euros.

To exchange the crypto currency by using website and for the purpose of flat as

Blockchain Technology

Crowdsourcing done by the way of The PEX token enables to get target its business aim. The Prime-Ex will always gives an ice profit to the person who is holding an PEX token through the yearly dividend distributions.

The major commitment for the prime-ex perpetual is to give 80% of gain(profit) to all the token holders. And the one more best thing is they will incentivize buyers to pay mortgage using the prime-ex token to get an nice discount.

Bounty Program

The Prime-Ex ICO is promoting effort through an bounty program in a great manner.The Prime-Ex perpetual provide an bounty program opportunity for 12 week from 12th Sept @10pm panama time to 30th Nov @8pm panama time.

The best thing in this bounty program is only the qualified people will win the Pex-tokens through many things like,

  • 20% for facebook campaign
    • 20%for twitter campaign
    • 20% for custom bounty campaign
    • 15% for bitcoin signature campaign
    • 15% for Primr-Ex Thread support
    • 10% for bitcoin translation campaign

Token distribution

The offerings start will be 30,000,000 PEX tokens including both open release tokens, 4,000,000 Founder and Service provider tokens, 750,000 pre-ICO Incentive tokens and 250,000 bounty tokens.

The total PEX tokens are 30,000,000 tokens. That Pex tokens are fully made inside by an expert advisors and prime ex team through an Prime-Ex perpetual ecosystem.

This token distributions are like83.3% for public releasing tokens, 13.3% for founders, 2.5% for pre ICO bonus, 0.83% of Bounty program.

Pre-ICO Bonus

Pex token can be purchased only in website. Already 750000 Pex tokens are sold.

By the starting of November 2017 to 8th of November 2017, 20% discount will given to the person purchasing of 3.5+ bitcoin or 50+ ethereum.

Road map

 By November 2017 the Prime-Ex perpetual tokens are given through Initial Coin Offering then ICO will ends.
 By 2018, Prime-ex is planning to pre-sale 320 homes and they will deliver 20 homes
 By 2019, Prime-ex is planning to pre-sale 30 homes and they will deliver 30 homes
 By 2020, Prime-ex is planning to pre-sale 45 homes and they will deliver 30 homes
 By 2021, Prime-ex is planning deliver 35 homes to buyers.
 By 2022, Prime-ex is planning to sell 125+homes.

Prime-Ex Team

Prime-Ex Advisors

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