Todays session we are going to see the smart token exchange of ICO in that we are going to know more things that will be useful for the users of Tokens.


First Step: you need to enter your Ethereum Address on our website in that you will get a smart-contract address.
Second Step: to get your wish to change a STE at your price you have to send any ETH amount that should be bigger than 0.1 ETH.
Third Step: after following this process you will get a STE and you transaction will be processed immediately to your address.
Fourth Step:The amount you have sent will put on hold if the ICO Stage of hard cap 5,000,000 is reached for the next 16 hours or it will fill from the ICO platform refund.
Fifth Step: at the period of time at 16 hours break after the ICO stage 1 you will be able to begin withdrawal of the settings for the forthcoming auctions of Stage 2.
To send orders to our smart contract leave atleast 0.05 ETH in your wallet.


To join ICO fill you Ethereum wallet address
In the very beginning you need to confirm that you have read everything and understood everything about the project after doing this process you have to accept the contents and procedure of our project WHITEPAPER. You can make your own plan and decision about the projects futures and also you can receive all the information that you need day to day including the risk of disclosure in the chapter 15 as mentioned. By participating in the ICO you can confirm that your are either be a hong kong, china or U.S citizen with your permanent residence or also you can have as a primary residence.
If you are going to buy STE tokens it’s very essential that to enter your wallet address
The presale hitting the hard cap of upto 15 000 ETH that has increased during the period of August to September. The next price will be 2.5 ETH for per 1000 STE (countdown begins)

Current price of 1000 STE is 2 ETH


We are going to tell you the technology that as developed in present
STex has owned a group of cloud that physically hosted in many countries in order to prevent the chance of downtime because of real world attack which was decentralized.

Now we have developed a security process of all the STeX system cannot be used or accessed without any proper authority that as given by STeX which as encrypted for the cryptocurrency exchange.

In order to protect the users or traders of project main funds and users funds our team that we have neglected from oline attacks and stored in wallets.
Within a single click or blink of an eye our superfast cloud processing core will be internal trades are completed.
Our new technology of A2A process allows you to support a thousands of cross rates .


It was very extremely hard for the growth of the cryptocurrency in the market now this year 2017 has given a high growth potential of cryptocurrencies as a blockchain solutions. It was developed innovatively DAOs and awareness of smart contract of applications. By our analysis the bitcoin market will increase upto 1.75 trillion within 10 years along with its price that will reach $100000. In 2027 my calculation is that cryptocurrencies will account for 10% of the average of trade. At that time our cryptocurrencies will account for $500 as a foreign exchange ADV currently stands at $5 trillion.

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