I have always laughed at this two words. For me they never made sense even in the movies.

So what is true love?
Is it when you see someone and violins start to play behind you?
Is it when you see someone and all you can think about is them?

I guess both of this definitions are a little filmi.. so we come to the question again..what is "true love"?

Its been 3 years post my breakup! I have been in love once and now i think i know a little about "true love".

True love is when jus an essence of a perfume like hers, a smile like her, or a thing she gave can remind you everythin about her!
True love is when you look at other girls and know that they are pretty but they are nowhere near your "baby", because she was simply "perfect".
True love is when no matter how bad are things in your other world, you are still in the top of some world just because you know you have her..
True love is when you know that no matter how successful you become or how large of a friends group you have or how well you are doing with everything around but still their is a void which only she can fill.
True love is when just a thout of hers is enough to make you smile!!
True love doesn’t means that you life should stop once they are gone.. How can love destroy someone? After all it is love.. How can it do something so negative?
True love is when you know that the distance is jus a number, she is still in your heart!!
True love is when you are forever thankful that you ever found her, no matter how small the journey was, you once had her by your side!!!

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