Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice cast unites for FULL MOVIE

Film Review: ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’
Reviewed at AMC Universal Citywalk 19, Universal City, March 22, 2016. MPAA rating: PG-13. Running time: 153

ProductionJérémie Amsallem I saw it twice already, it’s a masterpiece. My favorite comic book movie ever, Ben

Affleck is the best Batman ever, and Eisenberg is astonishing as Luthor. Hope the movie will smash the box

office, all those critics can go to hell. They don’t have a clue.
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Miguel Amaro
Miguel Amaro Every critic review:
Didn’t have batman saying one liners or even a corny joke, save your money for the next marvel movie.
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Tsui Ka Ho
Tsui Ka Ho That’s why i don’t like marvel very much for lowering the standard of superhero movie.Making

everyone think that superhero film must be funny and family-friendly, but ignore the complex,reflective,

meaningful story arc which every superhero movie should have. Don’t get me wrong. Captain america winter

soldier and netflix series are very good, which are the other marvel films should be follow suit.
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Maya Alishevich
Maya Alishevich This was epic!!! Can’t wait to watch it again!
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Timothy Heaver
Timothy Heaver It’s a Zack Snyder movie as well as a comic book movie, some of you dumbasses going in

thinking it’ll be some critcally acclaimed masterpiece such as Argo or Gone Girl. It’s not supposed to be the

most amazing story driven masterpiece you’ve seen in ages. Just go and witness the pure visual spectacle that

is Zack Snyder, this is Batman and Superman people not American Sniper, chill the hell out.
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Shaun Cartee
Shaun Cartee It’s seems like everybody acts like movie critics today, can’t we just enjoy a superhero movie

without everyone judging it before it even comes out, At least batman won’t have asthma this time
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Brandon Arp
Brandon Arp I’ve seen it already and all I can say is as a fan I can see where critics say it is overstuffed

however to me it was hardly noticeable I found every plot and side plot to be very interesting and well done.

It was very cohesive, and great how the stori…See More
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Brad Kefauver
Brad Kefauver Get out there and support DC against the critics hatred of Snyder/DC Comics. This movie will be

a success with or without them.
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Fermin Montoya
Fermin Montoya Team SUPERMAN!! The G.O.A.T of all superheroes
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