That Girl

I’m the girl you see on the street everyday. The girl you secretly want to be and the one you happily spread rumors about, trying to feel better about yourself once you’re done judging her for her tight clothes and high heels and fancy make-up or even no make-up. I’m the one who speaks up in front of people and get hammered on for being too ambitious, too extroverted or too slutty.

I am someone you see everyday walking with a high head and laughing heartily at several jokes boys crack too impress me and so you think I’m easy. And so your nerves strain to get under my clothes, because, I give away that awfully encouraging smile at your direction, not because you are my friend but because I want to invite you to touch me and look inside my heart as I present you my naked body. Because my clothes are too tight and wanting to be torn, faster by every passing minute. And I let people judge me even when I know I should not talk too much and walk with my head high nor wear these sexy clothes or high heels accentuating my hips. But I do and I hear them speak; I let them speak all those what they love to believe about me.

I am that girl who you see on the street everyday, wishing to be yours for the night but never yours for a month because people will start judging you as well. I am the one your sister likes to hang out with but can’t because her brother doesn’t want her to be influenced by the “easy” girl in campus- the girl everyone thinks they can get, the one they all accept as the infamous slut but never bothered to talk to. I am the girl the lonely boy is secretly in love with but never dared to approach because he’s made to believe that slutty, heartless girls are out of his league, no matter how warm their smile is or how smart they are in studies or how nice they can be to pets.

I’m the girl you see in your mother, girlfriend and sister- at least once in your life when you start regretting your actions and reactions toward her, but oh well, it’s too late by then to forget that I exist in every woman you have ever met.

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